Gonzalo Alegría defends himself and insists that the allegations of sexual abuse against him are false

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Gonzalo Alegría, candidate of Together for Peru.  (To the).
Gonzalo Alegría, candidate of Together for Peru. (To the).

Gonzalo joyElection candidate for the Municipality of Lima, appeared in defense against the allegations against him of a suspected allegation sexual abuse he would have committed towards his son. Through a thread shared and published on his official Twitter account, the complainant made it clear that everything is an untruth.

As we recall, this case was exposed on the news portal Nativa, where the journalist Laura Grados published the alleged complaint against the candidate for municipal office.

“As I mentioned earlier, I have no complaints. #IM clean. And as a candidate for mayor, I always show that I strive to be #transparent and can count on yours #Trust forever. The complaint that journalist Laura Grados mentions is false, such a document – accusing me of sexual violence – does not exist,” said the member of Together for Peru.

“Unfortunately, it’s a problem caused by my son, who was involved in asset lawsuits and – influenced by his mother – invented a story that would allow him to make fortunes in Spain,” he added.

After this download happiness He mentioned that this impasse was a thing of the past for him and that he had apologized to the people who implicated him in this complaint.

“With this release, I hope to take the situation back in time. I apologized to the people who did this to me and we came out of this situation much stronger than before,” he concluded.

In this publication you can also see a conversation in which her son explains why he acted the way he did and that it was all because he was allegedly instigated by his mother to make himself a home in Spain.

Release of candidate Alegría for alleged sexual abuse of his son
Release of candidate Alegría for alleged sexual abuse of his son

After the mayoral candidate of Lima, Gonzalo joyHe repeatedly rejected the complaints made against him about alleged psychological and sexual violence against his own son in front of the media. the The Ombudsman decided that and indicated that he went to the San Isidro Police Station, where this allegation would have been made, to verify the status.

“We went to the Orrantia PNP police station to investigate the complaint against Gonzalo Alegría. We were told that it was sent to the prosecutor’s office at the time. With this in mind, we ask the prosecutor’s office to report on the reasons why the complaint was filed, “they published through their social networks.

In this sense, the authorities of this establishment confirmed that there is a complaint against Alegría. With that in mind, they asked for information to find out whether or not this complaint was actually made.

“Similarly, we ask the prosecution to respond to the inquiry from the judiciary as to whether a Decision to file the above complaint. We will continue to monitor the development of the case,” read on Twitter.

Gonzalo Alegría is accused of raping his son.
Gonzalo Alegría is accused of raping his son.

Despite the associated scandal Gonzalo joy indicated that he would not give up the electoral race; However, representatives of the party hosting him in Congress have demanded that he resign. This comes after allegations against him of violence against his son, who is now in Spain. The Caucus of Cambio Democrático-Together for Peru has established its position through the networks.

“Considering the serious complaint spread by the media against the candidate for mayor of Lima for the party “Together for Peru”. They indicated that they condemn the statements made about the complaints and “demand the immediate withdrawal of Mr. Alegría’s candidacy, be there remaining in the electoral process would run counter to its commitment to eradicating all forms of violence”.


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