Giuliana Rengifo and Magaly Medina: all the clashes they had during the week

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Giuliana Rengifo and Magaly Medina.  (Facebook
Giuliana Rengifo and Magaly Medina. (Facebook

The differences between Giuliana Rengifo and Magaly Medina They were well known after the cumbia singer admitted in November last year that she had been dating her for a short time Alfredo Zambrano, then ex-boyfriend of the popular ‘Magpie‘.

For this reason, the ATV driver swore by her and insisted on insulting her or calling her a “bitter”, since her husband’s excursions with the Piurana meant nothing to her.

For this reason, since July of this year, the production of ‘Magaly TV: The company intervened after an ampay Giuliana Rengifo and a Pucallpino notary until he managed to capture them in kisses and these images were broadcast on his program on Monday September 19.

The redhead also highlighted the notary Paul Pineda According to the Reniec file, he was married 20 years ago to prosecutor Katherine Tapia, with whom he has three minor sons.

Last weekend Giuliana was invited to a restaurant in Los Olivos to celebrate her birthday, such an event was organized by the notary Paul Pineda.

According to the clip, he is seen arriving at the artist’s with his friends and then they sing and dance around the premises after the party is over as they leave they are caught kissing and caressing. The lawyer gets the singer in his taxi and steals a kiss from her again.

Giuliana Rengifo passionately kisses a notary from Pucallpa who is married to a prosecutor. | Magaly TV: The company.

A few hours before the ampay is issued between the interpreter and the Pucalpino notary, she clarified to a local newspaper that they were just friends and the lawyer was separated.

“Paul is my friend and he is a man in his own right, I have evidence of what I am saying. Also, I’m single. Everything is fine, thank God,” Giuliana told El Popular newspaper.

The cumbia exponent noticed this Paul Pineda and they are together right now. “I have no relationship with him, he is my friend. I’m not in a formal relationship with anyone. I even have a friendship with Paul’s eldest son,” he said.

for Juliet, Magaly Medina he is only trying to harm you with the submitted report. “Yes, I think Magaly wants to hurt me. That investigates more before honor is damaged. He is separated”assured.

Magaly Medina clarified that taking the above images of the ampay between Rengifo and the notary does not make her a burned or injured woman. On the contrary, she feels identified with the woman (the notary’s wife) who is being mocked by her husband.

“That’s the Ampay that can suddenly say, ‘Ah, Magaly really did it because she’s on fire, she’s hurt.’ I’m not burned or hurt with anyone. Firstly, I’m a woman who is so confident that I consider myself so intelligent and beautiful that I never compare myself to anyone because you don’t have to. Comparisons are useless in this case,” he said.

The interpreter of ‘Ay CHeart’ went to the program “Love and fire‘ to send a direct message to the ‘Magpie’suggesting that she would not allow them to sully their honor and try to leave her as the one who contracted a marriage.

“I’m a mom and a single woman, I’ve never been in a relationship, I’m not a home destroyer. I am a woman who has values ​​and me I’m ashamed Magaly that you’re trying to sully my honor because you’re on fire, you can’t get over the fact that I’ve been to your notary.said.

Likewise, the Cumbiambera told Magaly Medina that, unlike Melissa Paredes, she was ready to answer directly because when it came to defending her honor, nothing could stop her.

“Enough, do you want to be direct? Then we can talk about it, but please stop besmirching my honor as a woman. I’m not Melissa Paredes that I’m silent, I have no tail, absolutely, I have no vice, “added he added.

Giuliana Rengifo defends herself and shows evidence to deny Magaly Medina: ‘Besmirch my honor’ | love and fire.

Magaly Medina stated that the Cumbiambera mentions her and her husband because she wants to create controversy in the media and use it to “promote” her new musical work.

“They are there, there is, there is an obsession. I say to myself, ‘Does he hate me?’ Not at all, I say to myself ‘Poor thing, she craves fame and she needs to sell her album’. Now he’s going to grab the one that’s up and on top,” he said sarcastically.

On the other hand, he clarified that the person who asked him to investigate Giuliana Rengifo and notary Paul Pineda was his own wife Katherine Tapia, who told them in July that they were dating and even asked them record them leaving a hotel. Melissa Paredes style.

It also featured conversations from the Pucallpa District Attorney and his production team, in which the singer was described as “interested” and without “shame.”

Magaly Medina attacked the singer during the last edition of her program.

On Wednesday, September 21st Giuliana Rengifo was in the magazine ‘In the whole world‘ to defend himself again after the journalist leaked his conversations with Paul Pineda’s wife.

The Cumbiambera did not remain silent and warned the ‘Magpie’ that he will take legal action if he continues to speak out about his relationship with the notary, as he has made it clear for a number of months that he is a separate person.

Additionally, he revealed that the controversy his Ampay sparked severely affected his family and caused his daughters to suffer from billing at school.

“Follow the consequences, if you don’t back down I won’t keep quiet. I have a family, I have daughters because there is bullying at school gentlemen so they will not mess with my daughters. I tell you in advance Magaly Medina stop doing this because Mr. Paul has been a separated person for several months, do not get carried away or identify with anyone because no one has turned you around or brought you into your relationship”, he condemned .

Giuliana Rengifo warns Magaly Medina and says her daughters suffer from bullying. | In the whole world

Magaly Medina, faithful to her style, does not let go of Giuliana Rengifo and broadcasts in her program on Wednesday September 21 a report with all the scandals that the former member has ‘beautiful water’.

The controversial journalist poked fun at Giuliana, assuring that she has become one of the most disowned women in Peru since the notary of Pucalpino, with whom she was caught kissing passionately, pointed out that they were just friends.

“This woman must have gotten used to being rejected by now. Even Pucallpa’s notary had the luxury of saying that she was just his girlfriend, he said it about 50 times. Now I understand how ugly it must feel. It doesn’t have to feel very good. must be terrible“, he added.

Magaly Medina to Giuliana Rengifo: “I was never denied.” | Magaly TV: The company.

Finally, Medina pointed out that she never knew firsthand what happened to Rengifo and that, unlike the cumbia singer, the TV presenter assured that they had never denied her.

“I don’t know how it feels, no man has disowned me, he never hid me, so I don’t know how it feels. We will ask someone better”, was the last message that the “Urraca” gave.

After watching her entire story of controversy on national TV, Piura’s favorite daughter took to her social media to respond to Magaly Medina.

She expressed that she was tired of receiving calls from the production ‘Magaly TV: The Company’ to interview her because she is not willing to speak for a report on this show but on the contrary wants to go to the TV to see her directly and tell you about all the harm she is doing to her.

“Stop calling me to interview me. Although I would love to see your face and look into your eyes to tell you all the damage your trash program is doing. posted in a story on his social network.

Giuliana Rengifo's message on her Instagram.
Giuliana Rengifo’s message on her Instagram.

For her part, Magaly Medina has left recorded programs in recent days and is traveling with her husband, Alfred Zambrano for Spain. But he hasn’t stopped talking about what happened to the cumbia singer.

The controversial communicator shared the image of a journalistic note in which she revealed that she is traveling with her husband, and on top of that writes a text specifically dedicated to all her vulnerable ones, to which she alludes Giuliana Rengifo.

“While my protectees strike blindly… I enjoy my life! Already on Monday I take part in the cremation according to the order of arrival‘ he posted in a story on his Instagram.

Magaly Medina posted a message dedicated to Giuliana Rengifo.  (instagram)
Magaly Medina posted a message dedicated to Giuliana Rengifo. (instagram)


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