Gisela Valcárcel attacked the reporter from Magaly Medina during a public event, saying: “You suck”.

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“Urraca” recalled an embarrassing altercation between the América Televisión character and a young journalist.

confronted again. The “war” between Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcarcel appeared to be over, but as of Saturday October 1st, the date it premiered “The Big Show”this story begins a new chapter with both TV characters.

As you remember, for three days there was a lot of controversy between the guests who presented this “Senoto” in his latest program where the “stars” are the protagonists of a series of “Ampay’s” that the “Magpie” presents in “Magaly TV The Company” since a few weeks.

But as if that were not enough, Ethel Pozo’s mother devoted several minutes of her broadcast to criticizing the journalist for, as she had indicated, invading the privacy of others and damaging the image of many people who were affected by the content of her production were damaged.

Magaly Medina recalled when the driver attacked one of her reporters.
Magaly Medina recalled when the driver attacked one of her reporters.

“It’s time you understood that you’re doing too much damage and you know that everyone will get on without you. You will pay dearly for itIt was you who cannot sleep peacefully … It doesn’t matter what you say about me on Monday or Tuesday, because it will always have audiences jumping,” the América Televisión character began his speech.

“You know, while you scratch and kill, people help (…) I’m mad because you touch a woman, but you know, I don’t want to offend you, What I want is thought provoking”Gisela added while urging Magaly Medina’s sponsors to “consider” her continuity in the program.

Among all the “arguments” presented by the host “Magaly TV La Firme” A few hours ago, in response to the controversial statements made by Roberto Martínez’s ex-wife, he showed a series of videos that remind him of his “past”.

And as part of its “publication”, the “Urraca” commemorated the day when Gisela Valcárcel attacked a photographer from her magazine at the time, who wanted to take some pictures of her during a sporting and public event with Javier Carmonabut was “prevented” by “Señito”, who was visibly upset.

“Carlos Guerrero, a photographer, you insulted him just because he is an employee of my magazine. He humiliated him in a really questionable, lowly way that speaks of a dark soul and most importantly a proud woman who is puffed up with power,” he commented. Magaly Medina before the presentation of the audiovisual material.

Magaly Medina launched a vigorous response to Gisela Valcárcel
Magaly Medina launched a vigorous response to Gisela Valcárcel

In the pictures it is observed when the figure of American television He wants to take the camera away from the reporter, who even calls the police for help. However, Gisela followed the team and assured him that he didn’t care if the PNP got through.

But that’s not all, it’s also heard that the “Senoto” He tells the boy lewd phrases like that he stinks, that he didn’t bathe, that he’s eating thanks to her, that he’ll take his camera away because he wants and can, among other haughty expressions.

“It was a public act a race on the Costa Verde, where all the media went and this photographer from our magazine was. She was furious with him, one of our shyest, most respectful, chamber photographers, and this seedy TV diva told him, “You haven’t taken a bath, you stink,” the ATV character recalled.

“I give you to eat, you eat from me because I’m the one who won the race”. This is the true face of Gisela Valcárcel because I know her,” he said. Magaly Medinawhich indicates that the “Faricella” He doesn’t remember everything he’s done and continues to do it in a hypocritical way.

“You’ve been attacking me your whole life, it’s not like you allowed me to attack you, but she doesn’t get her hands dirty, she had her monkeys with machine guns doing their dirty work. What Carlos Cache, for example with his garbage TV shows where he only focused on defaming me, insulting me,” the journalist said.


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