George, Charlotte and Louis also have to study: Royals complete first day of school in Windsor

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Even royals have to cram
George, Charlotte and Louis are going to school

The holidays are over – also for the children of Prince William and Duchess Kate. And so George, Charlotte and Louis, accompanied by their parents, go back to school. They now have to find their way in a new school.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan just got everyone’s attention with their visit to Germany. But nine-year-old Prince George, seven-year-old Princess Charlotte and three-year-old Prince Louis have just made their appearance: Prince William and Duchess Kate’s children have started their first day of school after the summer holidays.


Director Jonathan Perry welcomed the newcomers.

(Photo: IMAGO/i images)

After the family moves from London to Windsor, some 40 kilometers away, the royal descendants must find their way in a new environment and a new school. For Prince Louis, who is entering the pre-school year (“Reception”), it is the first contact with life as a student.

The three Cambridge descendants, as William and Kate are also named after their official ducal titles, spent a trial day at the private Lambrook School on Wednesday. Mom and Dad accompanied her. Photos and videos show William and Kate taking their children to school hand in hand before being met by headmaster Jonathan Perry.

William and Kate casual

William and Kate seemed rather nonchalant. He was wearing a dark blue jacket and trousers of the same color, and a white shirt unbuttoned at the top. She presented herself in a brown dress with white polka dots. The two boys wore identical outfits: blue shorts paired with white lined shirts. Charlotte’s blue and white dress also had a line pattern. The children’s outfits were the appropriate summer uniform for the Lambrook School.

The background to the family’s move to the so-called Adelaide Cottage on the extensive grounds of Windsor Castle is said to be that William and Kate want to give their children more freedom of movement. The previous residence, Kensington Palace in the heart of London, is only moderately suitable for this. In addition, Queen Elizabeth II now mainly stays in her former weekend residence at Windsor Castle, because the 96-year-old no longer wants to go back and forth between London and Windsor for health reasons.

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