Genshin Impact's manga provides a vital backstory to the Sumeru region

Genshin Impact’s manga provides a vital backstory to the Sumeru region

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At arrival Genshin impact‘s Sumeru region, you will meet Collei, a new playable character. Collei soon turns out to have connections with the cast. A Fatui Harbinger – the title members of the Fatui leadership – named Il Dottore previously kidnapped Collei, and she befriended characters from Mondstadt such as Amber during her escape. But in the game, Genshin impact doesn’t really explain her story, especially when Collei adds color commentary to random dialogue. To understand Sumeru properly, you must read the Genshin impact manga.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the manga, it’s probably because Hoyoverse released it about two years prior to the official game. Chapters started falling in 2018 and stopped in 2020, and it can be read on web show, tapasor the Genshin impact website. Hoyoverse designed the story as a prequel to introduce readers to the world. In particular, the manga introduces readers to the first region in Genshin impactMondstadt, where the game’s prologue takes place.

Image: Hoyoverse

At a glance, the region appears much thinner in lore than the next. The manga fixes that. Early game characters gain significant depth. Kaeya’s relationship with Diluc gets an extra backstory. Venti’s reign as Archon is explored. Most importantly, the manga is Amber’s story coming into its own. By deepening the cast’s stories, the manga adds narrative weight to Mondstadt, a section that can usually be written off as “a tutorial with a story.”

The best time to read the manga was before Genshin impact launched. The second best time is now.

In addition to deepening the story of the first region, the manga lays the foundation for Sumeru. Collei’s entire backstory is explained in the manga. It shows exactly why Collei is like this love amber. You will learn about Collei’s illness and exactly how she came under Dottore’s care. You will also see Dottore in action. He interacts with high-ranking Mondstadt characters such as Diluc and Kaeya. Even Sumeru’s general Mahamatra, Cyno, appears for a moment. During his extended cameo, Cyno establishes a connection between himself and Lisa.

Genshin impact has already referenced the manga several times and confirmed it as canon. Remnants of certain battles that took place in the manga can be found in the game. Sumeru people like Tighnari have in the game speech lines that explicitly refer to manga events. Dottore is constantly set up as an impending villain through hidden quests such as “The bad guy in Vimara Village” and the trailer for patch 3.1. Genshin impact feels much richer when you understand the context of these events. If you want to enjoy the game to the fullest, the manga is essential literature.

From panels from the Genshin Impact manga.  Collei and Amber stand on the edge of a cliff overlooking a beautiful view of the sea.  The second panel is a close-up of Collei's stunned facial expression.

Image: Hoyoverse

You can currently read the first 13 chapters of the manga in English, although there are 16 chapters in total. At the time of writing, the last three chapters are only officially available in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. Hoyoverse has yet to translate the final parts into English.

Instead of allowing the fandom to make assumptions from summaries, a few fans worked to pinpoint the remaining story. A Twitter user named AseriaSallaria translated the last chapters. Another user, DarkKnightHero, found AseriaSallaria’s translations and put the dialog on the page.

“The manga made me fall in love with these characters. I was quite sad to see that the official English version stopped just before the last fight,” AseriaSallaria told Polygon.

You can currently read AseriaSallaria’s translation of the last three chapters at: Mangadex. For her, these chapters have given Sumeru extra weight. “I was looking forward to seeing Collei in the game, and two years later it finally came out!”

The manga is great if you like already Genshin impact or if you are a potential fan who wants to love the world. Don’t let Hoyoverse’s lack of translation of the series’ denouement hold you back. The community around the game worked together to ensure that every fan has access to the story. Like a Genshin impact fan, the manga is required reading. Don’t let it slip away.

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