Gambling frenzy candidates: “I’ll get a tattoo of her face, Mr. Jauch!”

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Candidates in a gambling frenzy
“I’m getting a tattoo of her face, Mr. Jauch!”

By Kai Butterweck

Two disappointed faces, Christmas from the elephant enclosure and a long-term student largely insensitive to pain: Günther Jauch isn’t the only one holding up the “Entertainment” flag in the “Gaming Special”.

The big “WWM” gambling special draws people to Germany’s most popular gambling studio, who are only too happy to put everything on one card. If you don’t shy away from risk and pull out all the stops without blinking, you’ve come to the right place. In the first part of the special, a total of five candidates make the coveted guesswork, including two unlucky ones who do not reach the 1000 euros (Hans vom Ende from Amsterdam and Anke Mikalauskas from the Upper Palatinate), a Hessian customs officer (Mariela Weipel), who shortly before the hurdle of 16,000 euros fails due to a colorful band replacement and a transition candidate (Jörg Riehemann from the Münsterland), who quickly explains how to make Christmas cards from “elephant dung” for the 125,000 euro question.

What already sounds pretty crazy and wacky can easily be surpassed by a long-term student from Offenbach. Niklas Buhl is a business administration expert, Pink Floyd fan and passionate habit wearer. With his wavy hair and signature beard, the candidate is reminiscent of a slightly stronger version of “Aquaman”. Like the movie hero, Niklas Buhl is reluctant to be stopped on his way to his goal. The first 1000 euros are quickly in the bag. Now it gets serious, because if Niklas doesn’t need a joker to answer the question of 16,000 euros, four “helpers” automatically step in and at the end of the journey no less than two million euros is waiting.

Four Jokers for the Journey to Financial Happiness

A short excursion into the world of football jargon, a little Greek island culture and the right answer to the question “Which device duo is often active together in just a few square centimeters?” (Drill and vacuum cleaner) increases the account balance to 8,000 euros. But now it gets a bit more difficult. Günther Jauch pulls out a grill question card for passionate vegetarians. After a short but intense period of reflection, the Offenbacher knows the right answer to this too. Now the lock of 16,000 euros has been cracked and Niklas Buhl can use four helping jokers on his journey to financial happiness.

The phone joker is also used for the next question. It’s a good thing the friend on the other end of the line isn’t confused and knows exactly the name of the chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Employment Office – namely Andrea Nahles. In the area of ​​regional studies, a single guest turned out to be a help in need. Adding a 50/50 joker “for hedging” increases the potential profit to 64,000 euros. Günther Jauch now switches to “private” mode. After all, a little small talk couldn’t hurt and loosen up the always tense atmosphere in the studio.

“You wanted to confess something to your father?”

After reviewing some bizarre haircut photos that show the candidate in a “phase of permanent change”, the moderator digs a little deeper – with consequences. “I heard you wanted to confess something to your father?” asks Günther Jauch. Two breaths later, Niklas Buhl gathers all his courage: “Dear father, I’m not quite finished with my studies. Besides, I’ve been hiding my tattoos from you for years.”

Niklas is sure that his father will “laugh” about it. But someone else’s good mood soon fades. We are talking about Günther Jauch. “I also have to confess more,” the candidate explains. “If I win a five-figure sum, I’ll have Günther Jauch’s face tattooed.” A murmur goes through the studio. Günther Jauch has to swallow: “You can’t do that to yourself and your surroundings”, begs the moderator, in the hope that Niklas will withdraw. But he doesn’t. The student sticks to his plan, because gambling debts are ‘honour debts’, says Niklas.

Shortly thereafter, the candidate crosses his personal gambler’s finish line. Neither Niklas nor the public can recognize the term “Nawaro” (renewable resources). “I’m stopping, I’ll use the money to invite all my movers to a holiday,” explains the 27-year-old, knowing full well that there’s another “deed” involved. Günther Jauch now takes it easy: “Please keep me informed about the tattoo”, the moderator grins, before Niklas Buhl leaves the studio with a big smile on his face and an imaginary check for 64,000 euros in his hand.

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