“Full of sex and drugs”: Robbie Williams talks about his Netflix documentary

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“Full Sex and Drugs”
Robbie Williams talks about his Netflix documentary

I want to “expose myself more than anyone else exposes themselves” – these are Robbie Williams’ plans for his upcoming documentary series. New interviews and intimate archive recordings will be on Netflix, there are “no rules”. The singer only wants to remain silent about part of his private life.

British pop icon Robbie Williams is planning the big soul striptease with his upcoming documentary series. Williams said on New Zealand radio show Mike Hosking Breakfast of the Netflix production, which will be out in 2023: “It will be full of sex and drugs and mental illness.” The 48-year-old singer (“Angels”) wants to present himself “without makeup” on the streaming service and suspects that “probably too much information about his life will come out”. “No rules” would apply to the as-yet-unnamed project, Williams said.

According to Netflix, the documentary series will consist of new interviews and intimate, never-before-seen archive footage. Williams says he “wants to expose himself more than anyone else.” According to the musician, “most people want to show a version of themselves without negative aspects”, because they are afraid of “exposing too much of their real life”. But the public would recognize that, which is why he won’t exactly do that.

Williams’ kids are not allowed to show up

“In my case, I’m more likely than other people to keep it all in. I’ve rarely, if ever, said, ‘This is too much, take it out.’ I usually don’t think it’s enough,” Williams said of his upcoming Netflix project, which he says he has full editorial control over.

Only his four children Theodora, Charlton, Colette and Beau, whom he has with his wife Ayda Field, are not allowed to appear in the documentary series. On her Instagram account, Field always lets her fans be a part of her and Williams’ family life. However, she never shows the faces of her children.

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