From coat to doll: Willi Herren’s legacy is up for auction

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From the jacket to the doll
Willi Herren’s estate is up for auction

When Willi Herren died last year, he left behind a mountain of debt. The result: his estate is now under the hammer. However, the revenue from the online auction is manageable.

The auction of Willi Herren’s estate has raised around 8,000 euros. About 400 bidders have registered for the online auction, said the director of Krefeld’s “Auktions Service West GmbH”, Michael Blum.

One of the highest returns was achieved with a carnival king coat that pop singer Jürgen Drews once donated to his colleague – it went for 146 euros. A “Willi Herren hand puppet” raised 156 euros. For a toiletry bag including nose hair trimmer, the highest bid was only ten euros. A decorated fir tree was worth 15 euros for one bidder.

However, no one could get hot on a number of things – for example, a pair of “heavily worn” ankle boots with a loose sole, a damaged gingerbread heart or a pair of spotted shorts. Some 660 items from Herren’s personal belongings were offered at the four-week auction.

Up to 400,000 euros outstanding

The proceeds of the auction must go into the debtor’s insolvency estate. According to previous information from the bankruptcy trustee, creditors have registered current claims for a total of about 400,000 euros.

Willi Herren first became known as an actor in the ARD series “Lindenstraße”, on which he worked continuously from 1992 to 2007 and later made other guest appearances. As a result, he also rented himself out as a Ballermann singer and lead actor in numerous reality TV formats.

Herren was found dead in his apartment in Cologne on April 20 last year, aged just 45. There is no official information about the cause of death. The only information given was that third party negligence could be ruled out. According to RTL information, a poisonous cocktail of cocaine, alcohol and tablets led to cardiac arrest in men. The actor and singer was buried in the Melaten cemetery in Cologne.

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