Four high-ranking officials from the Buenaventura mayor’s office have been arrested for corruption

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New corruption case in Buenaventura Mayor’s office. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga

In the last few hours, the arrest of four officers from the Buenaventura Mayor’s Office has been completed after a series of investigations were carried out to solve an alleged corruption case plaguing the port. The operation, carried out by the Dijin of the National Police, was carried out in this municipality and in Popayán, capital of the department of Cauca.

On this occasion, those arrested are linked for allegedly being involved in an irregular decision of agreements, which corresponds to a connectivity project for 80 educational institutions in Buenaventura. This project was valued at 1,300 million pesos, in addition to the officials, a contractor was also captured.

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Among the people available to the authorities there are also; Jorge Hernán Gómez Timaná, CEO of the telecommunications company Popayán, EMTEL. Regarding the case, EMTEL highlighted: “The manager participates in the judicial request and exercises his legitimate right of defense”.

EMTEL - Popayán announces the arrest of his manager.
EMTEL – Popayán announces the arrest of his manager.

Similarly, Senator Alexander López Maya took sides in the situation, urging the competent authorities to continue and deepen the investigation, saying that this time it was necessary to protect the treasury and the same community in relation to their rights.

“Being aware of the action taken by the Attorney General of the Nation in which officers of the Buenaventura District Minister of Education were arrested, I urge the Attorney General of the Nation and the other regulatory bodies to deepen and expedite the investigation in order to protect public heritage and rights of the inhabitants of Bonaverense”.

The lobbyist bemoaned the situation the port is going through and questioned that this was happening in the context of a “popular” government. López asked Mayor Victor Hugo Vidal to appear before the authorities and clarify everything that is going on and make it clear that the municipality needs to know how the budget is being managed.

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It should be noted that the mayor of this parish is hospitalized in a clinic in the city of Santiago de Cali after suffering various health problems and being referred to the “branch office of heaven”.

Alexander Lopez argued:

“I feel deep pain that this is happening in a government of the people in which we have confidence and that is why I demand that the Mayor, Víctor Vidal, overcome his health problems and medical disability in a public way, together with all his cabinet appears before citizens and gives an account of these and other facts that are the subject of investigations by the control bodies.”

Likewise, the congressman stressed that for several months he had asked the authorities to follow up the process carried out by the government of Buenaventura, since, in his opinion, the local president had not entered the information originally requested by López, which is a fact that led to the request under the supervision of the Senator of the Historic Compact.

“I also inform the public that, given Mayor Víctor Vidal’s refusal to provide me with precise information requested by my seat in June 2022, I have asked the control authorities to intervene and monitor the actions of this government” , he said . . .


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