Foreign Minister Cesar Landa assures that the question of the presidential vacancy has not been raised on the international stage

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César Landa appears before the External Relations Committee of the Congress of the Republic.  (To the)
César Landa appears before the External Relations Committee of the Congress of the Republic. (To the)

The Chancellor Caesar Landa will present himself this morning in the Congress of the Republic, where he will respond to the Speech given by President Pedro Castillo to the UNbut before that appearance before Parliament, the Secretary of State pointed out that the President had not mentioned the issue of the President’s vacancy and that this only “needs to be seen in the internal forum and not at the international level.”

Landa also ruled out that Castillo’s reference to the coups was referring to the national parliament “but to a position of principle”.

Minister Landa will appear before the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee to explain the statements made by Castillo Terrones in New York, the city where the United States Assembly was held UN, where he announced a series of foreign policy measures including the opening of an embassy in Palestine.

“That government of Peru will open a diplomatic mission in Palestine in full compliance with the principle of the universality of diplomatic relations”said Castillo Terrones.

On the other hand, the chancellor avoided commenting on the motion that prosecutor Patricia Benavides would make before Congress to formulate a constitutional charge against her peter burg in the first half of October.

César Landa denies that Pedro Castillo was offered asylum. (Epicenter TV)

As journalist Ricardo Uceda explained in El Comercio: “Benavides will propose the inapplicable Article 117 of Magna Carta, which prevents the President from being prosecuted during his term of office for most offenses, except for treason and offenses involving beatings equal federal state”.

On the other hand, César Landa denied a few days ago that Castillo had applied for political asylum. “The question is very valid, but neither one nor the other [ni pedido ni ofrecimiento]” he told the journalist from Epicentro TV.

Likewise, César Landa was consulted on Channel N on President Castillo’s speech to foreign businessmen. Journalist Jaime Chincha doubted that the President told the story of the snare drum at the time.

Landa limited herself to answering that At every private meeting, anecdotes and circumstances can arise within the framework of the relationship of trustand there were no problems going on.


César Landa will go to Congress today to respond to Pedro Castillo’s speech to the UN
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