“For those who are no longer here”: Alvin Mendoza demanded justice for the murder of his sister Areli in 2019

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They imposed preventive detention on the alleged killer of Areli Mendoza, the former footballer's sister.  (Photo: Getty Images)
They imposed preventive detention on the alleged killer of Areli Mendoza, the former footballer’s sister. (Photo: Getty Images)

This September 20, the Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJ) reports that he has reached Capture of Miguel Ángel “N”who is accused of the alleged murder of his then wife, areli mendozaSister of former Club América player, Alvin Mendoza.

It was only on September 19, 2022 (three years later) that the authorities issued the warrant for his arrest and arrested him, which took place on Doctor Lavista Street, in the Doctores area of ​​Cuauhtémoc Town Hall.

In case of Areli Mendoza, sister of former midfielder Alvin Mendozait was a woman murder that occurred on September 16, 2019. The 36-year-old woman and mother of two was found with 8 stab wounds to her chest, a broken arm and multiple bites to her body.

Areli “N”He became the victim of his sentimental partner Miguel Angel “N”who allegedly murdered her with the help of her brother-in-law Jose Luis “N”, within his department, during the national holiday of that year. Both individuals already had warrants for their arrest, in addition to the fact that they had been on the run from justice for three years and the case was being investigated as femicide.

Currently, authorities are still searching for Areli’s brother-in-law, José Luis “N.” The brothers even said a day after Areli’s murder that the young woman committed suicide to cover it up.

Alvin Mendoza demanded justice for the attempted femicide of his mother and for the femicide of his sister.  (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Alvin Mendoza demanded justice for the attempted femicide of his mother and for the femicide of his sister. (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

On September 16, after arresting the perpetrators of both the murder of his sister and the direct attack on his mother, Alvin Mendoza made one live on Facebook to give more information about it.

“My mother suffered a direct attack, a brutal attack. My mother came from sports and this person is fatally attacking my mother. My mother defends herself, fights and thanks to the neighbors they save her,” the former player began live.

Alvin Mendoza couldn’t take it and as he described the situation, tears welled up in his eyes as he thought about what could have happened to his mother if the neighbors hadn’t intervened.

“We don’t want it to end like this, with Areli Mendoza’s femicide and Alba Argullo’s attempted femicide. Three years ago I heard the word femicide, we see it very far away, but when you are in this situation for the second time you enter a group that knows what is happening. All people, all affected families, there are many victims, irregularities. That’s why I’m opening up on social media first, so that things are clear,” Mendoza said.

Between moments of crying The athlete asked for his video to go viralbecause the family continues to demand justice.

It seems that two of the tragedies that have transpired are beginning to get justice Alvin MendozaWell, a few weeks ago his mother was also attacked while walking down the street, fortunately the capital’s security acted quickly and the perpetrator has already been arrested.

Robert "N" alleged attacker of former soccer player Alvin Mendoza's mother.  (Photo: Twitter @alzagareporter)
Roberto “N” alleged attacker of former footballer Alvin Mendoza’s mother. (Photo: Twitter @alzagareporter)

That Friday, September 16, the man attacked Mother of Alvin Mendozaon the subject identified as Robert “N” he is charged with the crime attempted femicide. The CDMX public prosecutor’s office also repeated the start of a trial against him.

Everything happened on September 14 and according to the reporter’s information Carlos Jimenez, Robert “N”Jiménez said on his official Twitter account @c4jimenez that he had attacked the 59-year-old with a knife as she was walking through the streets of the Álamos district, and that the former midfielder’s mother had been injured in the cheekbone and nose.

According to initial reports, Mendoza’s mother walked calmly through the streets of the delegation Benito Juarez, right in the park Alamos, where he did some exercises, When she was intercepted by a person with a knife, when she saw the woman, she walked towards her and stabbed her in the face with the knife. Robert “N” He came from behind to restrain her, and as he threw her to the ground, he began stabbing her in the face, causing serious injuries.

In the Mexican Republic More than 10 women are murdered every day and so far this administration more than 9,000 300 women have disappeared. This emerges from information from the 50+1 collective, a group of politicians, scientists and experts.


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