For charity: Jason Momoa shaves his skull

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For a good cause
Jason Momoa shaves his skull

The long hair is actually his trademark. But they are now history. Actor Jason Momoa has his mane clipped off his head demonstratively. He combines the campaign with a very special message to his fans.

Jason Momoa cut off his famous mane and shaved his head. With the campaign shared on Instagram, the star of “Aquaman” wants to draw attention to the waste of plastic.

The Hawaiian greets his followers with an “Aloha together” – holding two braids that have just been cut for the camera. Meanwhile, a friend puts a razor to his head. With a gust of wind, the actor is startled by the feeling on his skull – which he clearly hasn’t felt in a long time.

“Shave my hair off. Because of single-use plastic,” says the actor. “I’m tired of plastic bottles, we have to stop. Plastic forks, all that shit.”

“Do All You Can”

The plastic ends up in the ground or in the sea. “I see some things in our oceans right now that are so sad,” explains Momoa, pleading with his fans, “So please, do everything you can to avoid single-use plastics in your life – help me. “

In the caption accompanying the video, Momoa sums up the message: “We need to get rid of single-use plastic from our lives and from our seas. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils – everything.”

advertising for water

Momoa insists on promoting Mananalu in the video. In 2019, the actor founded the water manufacturer. The company sells water in sustainable aluminum bottles instead of plastic. For every bottle purchased, Mananalu says the bottle-sized plastic fishes out of the oceans.

Momoa, 43, began his film and television career between 1999 and 2001 on the American series Baywatch. He also attracted attention from 2011 with his portrayal of Khal Drogo in the first season of the hit format “Game of Thrones”. For several years now, he has slipped into the role of “Aquaman” in the DC Comics adaptations. He was last seen in the science fiction movie Dune.

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