For a message: Ulrich Wickert back to the “Daily Topics”

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For a message
Ulrich Wickert back at the “Daily topics”

Ulrich Wickert is back at his old workplace – but only for a one-time visit. As a guest moderator, the 79-year-old pays tribute to Caren Miosga in the “Daily Topics”. The journalist has been presenting the ARD’s flagship for longer than himself, making it the longest-serving moderator.

There was a surprising reunion with Ulrich Wickert on Tuesday evening in the “Tagesthemen”: the former presenter was back in front of the camera to announce the news that Caren Miosga has been presenting the ARD news magazine for longer than himself.

Until he left in 2006, Wickert had been on the show for 15 years and two months. His farewell greeting, in which he always wished a “quiet night”, should still ring in the ears of many viewers. This week, Miosga broke his record as the longest-serving presenter of “Daily Issues”. On July 16, 2007, Miosga, who is now 53, replaced her predecessor Anne Will as the moderator of the Daily Topics.

Since then, she has always “competently, understandably and clearly, very professionally, but always with empathy and a special charm” arranged daily events for the television audience, explained ARD program director Christine Strobl and ARD editor-in-chief Oliver Köhr. Miosga moderates the “daily topics” alternately with Ingo Zamperoni. Her colleague Aline Abboud represents the two main presenters. Miosga’s contract has just been extended by three years until 2025.

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