Flowers, cheers and a kiss: King Charles III. is back in London

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Flowers, cheers and a kiss
King Charles III is back in London

About the new King Charles III of England. the events are pouring in now. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had died just a day before he returned to London. He and his wife Camilla are welcomed at Buckingham Palace.

“God Save the King” – as the new King Charles III. Arriving at Buckingham Palace in London on Friday afternoon, thousands of people there shouted at him, “God save the king.”


Grief is written on their faces as Charles and Camilla watch the sea of ​​flowers at Buckingham Palace.

(Photo: photo alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Charles got out at the palace gates to greet the crowd. He shook countless hands and accepted expressions of sadness. He thanked the people for their compassion.

Hundreds in the front row tried to capture the new king with their cell phone cameras. A woman kissed the hand of the monarch. Another even kissed him on the cheek—actually a violation of royal protocol, but Charles didn’t seem upset: he smiled.

Meeting with Truss and Address to the Nation

Royal consort Camilla also shook countless hands. She was wearing a black dress and a pearl necklace. Together, the two then looked at the countless bouquets and messages that people had left in front of the palace since Thursday evening. The two then walked to their new official residence. Charles previously lived at Clarence House, a few hundred yards away.

King Charles III and Camilla had returned from Scotland, where his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, had died on Thursday. The two landed in the afternoon at Northolt Military Airport, 20 kilometers northwest of London, and then drove straight to Buckingham Palace. After the rain the day before and cloudy weather in the morning, the sun had come out.

King Charles III had a number of official appointments in London. Among other things, he will have an audience with Prime Minister Liz Truss and later address the nation in a speech. He will be formally proclaimed monarch this Saturday by a specially convened council.

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