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Germany is looking for skilled workers

The German economy recruits skilled workers from all over the world. Are you interested in working in Germany? Then the platform of the German federal government “Make It In Germany” is the right point of contact for you. Millions of people from 200 countries around the world use it every year to find out about job opportunities in Germany and immigration requirements.

Who is “Make it in Germany” aimed at?

I would like to work and have a career in Germany – but how can I enter the country and where can I find a job? The multilingual Internet platform “Make it in Germany” is the entrance portal for qualified professionals, academics, start-up founders and prospective foreign students. It combines a wealth of information and services both for anyone who wants to study or work in Germany, and for companies who want to hire qualified international professionals.

In five steps, the portal accompanies job seekers in Germany: from job search and visa formalities to relocation, settling in Germany and then bringing their families from home.

What information can I find there?

The portal offers a wealth of information on visa formalities, recognition of professional qualifications, the labor market, applying for a job, employment contracts, business etiquette, setting up a business, the work-study training, studies and research, language courses and integration. It also offers tips and addresses on everyday life in Germany – from registering with the authorities to finding a kindergarten and renting an apartment.

What interactive services does Make it in Germany offer?

  • A quick check for applicants
  • An overview of who you can contact in your home country
  • Professions and sectors in demand
  • Recognition of professional qualifications
  • job exchange
  • Individual advice by e-mail, hotline or chat
  • Explainer videos on YouTube
  • ‘Questions & Answers’ on Twitter
  • “Make it in Germany” app in German, English and Spanish
  • PDF download guide
  • Facts and figures about Germany

Who has a chance of finding a job in Germany?

The quick check on the homepage allows you to make an initial assessment of your chances. This online tool asks you about your origins, degrees and diplomas. In the next step, you can find out which requirements you must meet to receive a residence and work permit for Germany and where you can access further advice.

What professions are looking for qualified professionals?

As an industrial location, there is always a demand in Germany for engineers from all sectors, IT specialists and specialists in the natural sciences. The demand for doctors and nurses also increases with the share of older people in the population. For this reason, immigrants with degrees in the medical and social professions also have very good chances on the labor market.

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