First Time Out After Queen’s Death: King Charles Takes Reflection Day

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First break after Queen’s death
King Charles takes his Day of Reflection

The queen is dead, long live the king. And so the new British monarch Charles III. from appointment to appointment after the death of his mother. Only now does he get a moment of rest and reflection for the first time. But this is also not without work.

After the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III. so far hardly a moment of pause has been allowed. The duties of state and mourning occupy the new English monarch. After Wednesday’s moving funeral procession through London, Charles flew by helicopter to his wife, Queen Camilla’s estate in the English village of Reybridge, outside London. That reports the “Daily Mail”.

A photo shows Charles exiting the helicopter while still in the military uniform of the funeral procession. On Thursday, the 73-year-old will get a moment of rest for the first time since the death of the English queen and with it a moment to reflect on the previous events.

After arriving by helicopter, Charles drove his car from Camilla’s estate and began the thirty-minute drive to his mansion, Highgrove. His wife did not go with him. The new king is not expected to attend any public events on Thursday.

Part of “Operation London Bridge”

This private day of reflection was part of the so-called “Operation London Bridge”, the plan that meticulously records the processes for the time after the death of the Queen. British media suspect that both Charles III. and his wife Queen Consort Camilla can take a break for the first time since making the arduous journey to Balmoral Castle last week to watch the Queen in her final hours.

Nevertheless, Charles III. also use the day to further prepare for his new royal duties and role. The Daily Mirror reports that it has been given official government papers, the so-called “red boxes”.

Highgrove House is an estate in Gloucestershire, South West England. Charles moved into the building in 1981 with his then wife Princess Diana. Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on Monday.

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