First Speech as Prince of Wales: William Misses the Queen

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First Speech as Prince of Wales
William misses the queen

William has worn the new title of Prince of Wales for almost a month. For the first time in this position, he is now giving a speech at a public event. It is about nature and species conservation, but also about his two deceased grandparents.

William gave his first public speech as Prince of Wales. The royal spoke at the United for Wildlife Global Summit in London. Animal and nature conservation has been a concern of the prince for years. He was clearly influenced by his family.

In his speech, the 40-year-old recalled his late grandparents, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II. “Our nature is one of our greatest assets,” William says, including through People magazine. “I learned this lesson from an early age, from my father and grandfather, who were both devoted naturalists of their own accord, and also from my much-missed grandmother, who was so devoted to nature.”

“A Great Consolation”

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. “In times of loss, it is comforting to honor those we miss through the work we do,” Prince William said. “The progress we are making in tackling the illegal wildlife trade is a great comfort to me.”

How much he cares about the subject is also apparent from an Instagram post. A video of the event in London was shared on the account of the Prince and Princess of Wales. The haunting words are: “There are still too many criminals who think they can act with impunity. Too many lives are being destroyed. Too many species are threatened with extinction by this heinous crime.”

William has been the Prince of Wales for almost a month now. Shortly after the death of the queen, King Charles III had named his eldest son monarch in his maiden speech. William’s wife Kate has since been Princess of Wales. Previously, these titles were held by Charles and his late ex-wife, Princess Diana.

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