First jungle, now container?: Menderes has to move to “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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First jungle, now container?
Menderes is moving to Celebrity Big Brother

He is the king of the jungle. And, of course, the eternal “superstar” of the heart. Now Menderes Bagci would aim for another triumph. He is traded as a participant in the upcoming season of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

The tenth season of “Celebrity Big Brother” is in the starting blocks. And the first participant in this year’s container show may have leaked out: Menderes Bagci. In any case, the newspaper “Bild” wants to know that the 37-year-old is part of the Sat.1 format.


He ascended the jungle throne in 2016.

(Photo: photo alliance / dpa)

As usual with these kinds of revelations in reality TV shows, the whole thing is of course not official yet. Sat.1 itself has not yet responded to possible candidates.

What is certain is that the celebrities can be observed in front of the camera by “Big Brother” 24 hours a day as usual and face daily challenges. Whoever leaves the show last or last and thus wins, wins 100,000 euros.

In competition with the World Cup

The show will again be moderated by Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp, live from Cologne. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the format celebrates a special premiere: the program will be broadcast for the first time in the winter.

With the start date on November 18, those responsible are taking a special risk. The World Cup kicks off in Qatar just two days later. If “Celebrity Big Brother” airs parallel to the games in the desert state, the program threatens with ratings. Because despite all the criticism of organizing the World Cup in Qatar, the sporting event will probably captivate many spectators.

Celebrities live in huts

The environment in which “Celebrity Big Brother” takes place this year also needs to be picked up thematically. A few days ago it was already known that the motto of the show should be “football” this time. For example, a kind of mini-stadium for the celebrities was built in the container. While some live in the luxury cabins of the home team, others have to live in the sparse quarters of the visiting team.

Meanwhile, Menderes Bagci is already very familiar with deprivation. After all, he was a regular candidate for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) for years – without any chance of winning. Even when he participated in the jungle camp of RTL in 2016, he had to deal with a number of shortages. But: His perseverance made him the unofficial “superstar” of the heart at DSDS. And his sweet nature gave him: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” than even the official title of jungle king. Maybe now he can repeat this triumph with “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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