“Fire on board!”: Cathy Hummel’s plane has to make an emergency landing

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“Fire on board!”
Cathy Hummel’s plane has to make an emergency landing

What a nightmare. On the return flight from Milan to Munich, Cathy Hummels’ plane catches fire and has to make an emergency landing. After the incident, the presenter shared a thoughtful statement with her fans on Instagram.

After “About You” fashion week, Cathy Hummels wanted to go home as soon as possible. But then things turned out differently: the plane that was supposed to take her from Milan to Munich was late. When it was in the air an hour later than planned, the next bad news followed: fire in the plane. The plane has to make an emergency landing in Milan.

After the emergency landing, Cathy Hummels reported to her followers via Instagram story: “I just made an emergency landing…there was a fire in the plane,” she said while still on the plane. She has never experienced anything like this and she is happy that she can get rid of it quickly. “Then I’ll drive the car. I’m not getting on a plane today,” the presenter swore.

When she got home, she thanked her for sharing her experience. “Thank you for your messages,” she wrote in another story, adding: “Surreal. Like in a movie. My worst nightmare… But: We all survived. I’m shocked and incredulous, but like after the incident in Thailand I have the words of my therapist in my head: ‘Cathy, be grateful that you are still here and that you are safe.’” She is grateful – for being alive and able to hold her son in her arms to keep. But still she wonders, “What does fate want to tell me? Attack in Thailand and now an emergency landing due to fire on board!”

robbery in Thailand

It wasn’t until February that Cathy Hummels was assaulted and robbed while filming “Battle of the Reality Stars” (RTLzwei) in Thailand. She was hit on the head from behind and the perpetrator hit her several times. “At some point I realized this is a matter of life and death and I started to fight back,” she described the situation in the “Bild” interview.

She yelled at the man, who grabbed her cell phone and ran away. ‘I gathered all my strength and ran back to the hotel. All the time I only thought about my son Ludwig.’ There she reported the robbery to the police and filed a report. “My head and body still hurt, but it’s going to be okay,” Hummels said bravely after the incident. “But the shock is very deep. I am grateful to be alive.”

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