Ferrán Jutglà: “Everything is going very well”

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Brugge (Belgium), 3 Oct Brujas’ Spanish striker Ferrán Jutglà celebrated that the start of the season is going ‘very well’ at his new club and appealed ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League clash against Atlético de Madrid, the level shown at 0: 4 hold against postage.

“They made everything very easy for me and if they make it that easy for you, well… I did my best and everything is going very well at the moment,” said Brugge’s star signing.

The 23-year-old Barcelona footballer signs a dream start to the season. He has six goals and nine assists in the domestic league and another goal in the Champions League, in the 4-0 loss to Porto, where he was voted man of the match.

Jutglà said that this adjustment success was due both to the club’s welcome, which made it easier for him to find a home, to feel comfortable and to learn English, as well as the support of his teammates and captains and his own mentalization work.

“Whether it’s a quick adjustment or not depends on many factors. Before I came here, I studied English to be prepared and to know a little bit about the language because that was the most important thing. Later on, I also prepared myself physically to be aware of being here alone, away from home, which was a different method because it’s different here in Belgium,” he explained.

“I had to mentalize and prepare for all this, be positive and dare that I would do my best and that they would help me like the club did and everything went very well,” concluded the Brugge leader group in the Champions League group.

Faced with the match against Atlético de Madrid, the forward assured that it was necessary to maintain the level that Brugge showed in Porto, otherwise this good performance would have been useless.

“It was a very good game for the whole team. It gives us a lot of confidence and puts us in a good position, but it’s no use if we don’t react in the next couple of games. But we showed a very high level and it’s no use if we don’t keep it in the next few games,” he said.


From his brief stint with Xavi as coach on the Barcelona bench, Jutglà “takes confidence from the coach that he was ready”.

“When I went to Barcelona it was a time when there were a lot of emergencies in everything in the team and the truth is that the people who came from below weren’t expected,” he said.

“They gave me confidence and I responded,” he said.


Asked about the Copa del Rey clash Jutglà played against Atlético de Madrid in 2018 while playing for Sant Andreu, he looked back fondly on the 1-0 defeat and promised he would try tomorrow , “to make it better”.

“I played in the third division, at San Andreu, and for us back then, for the players who were in amateur football, to put it kind of, well, the elite you see far away and when you play against them they say ‘holy Shit’, this is the elite playing a Copa del Rey game against players at the highest level,” he recalled. “I have very nice memories and of course I want to do better,” he concluded. EFE



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