“Farmer seeks wife” – The beginning: Dirndl on Dirndl, cleavage on cleavage

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“Farmer looking for wife” – The beginning
Dirndl to dirndl, split to split

By Kai Butterweck

Forest and meadow friends who want to mate meet lonely clerks and educators. The beginning of the 18th season of “Bauer sucht Frau” puts a big smile on the faces of all format fans.

Discofox in Bavaria, Simmental breeding fun in the Bergisches Land and cheese art from Lower Saxony! Yay, the Inca is finally back, and with her a whole bunch of love-hungry lone farmers. For the 18th time, Germany’s most popular TV matchmaker eagerly distributes love mail in the hope that the relationship gates between North Frisia and the Allgäu will open.

Nothing has changed in the formatting procedure. It starts with a short introduction round, a targeted selection and the first meeting of males and females at the obligatory stable festival. The impressions are diverse and many farmers are soon confronted with the subject of sensory overload. But there is also a lot going on at the barn festival. Once the peasants arrive ready for courtship, the ladies are already lining up. Dirndl after dirndl, cleavage after cleavage and gift bags after gift bags are lined up. For the farmers it is now: connect, take it with you and take a good look at everything.

“I drink ouzo, what do you drink?”

The first introductory rounds start in the back rooms provided. The young farmer Max from Rhineland-Palatinate presents himself as shy, inexperienced (“I’ve never had a real relationship”) and as a mishmash of Manuel Neuer and Kiefer Sutherland. Entangled by three interested women, the 26-year-old’s blood rises to his head early on. Sister cow owner Jörg, who comes by as young Jürgen Prochnow, is also not used to the blink of beautiful eyes. The reserved Annika and the blond Ruhrpottlerin Patrizia apply to Hesse. The latter is immediately blown away: “You should become a part of me like the nose on my face”, Patrizia whispers with a slightly demanding undertone.


We already know what Erik drinks – but what woman could conquer his heart?

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Carnival fanatic Erik from Thuringia prefers to take matters into his own hands. In the presence of a real “sausage queen”, the cackling and always good-humoured hobby farmer (Erik works full-time as a paramedic) does not splash and immediately raises his glass: “I’m drinking ouzo, what are you drinking?” the ladies asked at the ears, followed by a fit of laughter.

Schnapps, biscuits and pickled liver sausage

In addition to exciting speed date anecdotes, gift bags are also diligently exchanged. On sale this year: gingerbread hearts, cuddly toys, cups with animal motifs, wine, schnapps, biscuits and pickled hunting sausage. There is something for everyone. All the teachers, clerks, telephone workers and nurses who rushed to the door spared no effort to take the hearts of the lone farmers who wanted to receive them by storm.

“Farmer looking for wife” on TV

“Bauer sucht Frau” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:15 pm on RTL. The program can also be consulted at all times on RTL+.

Shortly before the end of the party, Inka Bause walks through the rustic location one more time and makes sure that everyone involved is well taken care of. Meanwhile, one or the other schnapps has loosened some tongues. But no farmer can or wants to make the right decision. Organic farmer Martin from Allgäu summarizes it briefly: “I don’t know, I want to dance with the ladies first. Then I can decide,” says the 56-year-old. Well now: Music on and off to the dance floor! But Tuesday we want to know who is with whom and in general.

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