“Farmer looking for woman”: Into love happiness with the fire truck

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“Farmer seeks wife”
Enter the happiness of love with the fire truck

By Kai Butterweck

With “Farmer Seeks a Woman” the ride-on offer: tractor, wheelbarrow and fire truck. After getting to know each other and getting to know each other, the farmers and their selected ladies in waiting pack their bags and say goodbye to the Hofwoche.

The barn opening party of the 18th season “Bauer sucht Frau” is slowly but surely approaching its climax. The sun has long gone down over the rural location. The suckling pig on the grill bar is already crispy and brown. Inka’s “O’zapft is!” kick-off was also hours ago. Between gallons of barley juice and more than a dozen pretzel bowls, the really important decisions of the evening are now being made. Who goes with whom to which farm?

After a final tour of Inka Bause, joy and sorrow are, as expected, very close to each other. While tears of disappointment flow on one side, hearts on the other are popping the corks. Thus Oberallgäuer Martin was finally able to shake a leg – an absolutely necessary act to make a heart decision: “I have now danced with both women and chosen Carola!” laughs the farmer from the mountains. Loser Beatrice is not “happy”, but not nearly as disappointed as the two chosen ladies of the milk-cake maker Theo. The man from the Eifel missed something fundamental: “Something has to be done, but nothing has happened”, the farmer sighs. The beautiful Helena from Hungary is “very disappointed”. Competitor Yvonne even feels “kidded”.

Ella Endlich is celebrating with us

Star guest Ella Endlich creates a good atmosphere at the barn festival - source RTL Stefan Gregorowius.jpg

Star guest Ella Endlich ensures a good atmosphere at the barn festival.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowiu)

It is emotionally confused. Ella Endlich sings her foxtrot hit “Sternschwimmer” on the cozy fair stage. The crowd cheers and dances. While the kegs are getting emptier, some farmers let you feel what awaits the company during the farmer’s week. Breeding Michael K. from the Bergisches Land has been so “ripped off” by his upcoming visit to the farm (the farmer has chosen Jan Hendrik) that one has the feeling that the two lovebirds don’t really need a week on the farm to be clear about their feelings of becoming.

Blonde Patrizia is already over the moon. Farmer Jörg came up with something very special for the leading collection moment. The owner of the nursing cow, who likes to help out with the volunteer fire brigade in his spare time, even drives a fire truck to the station: “How cool is that! But now please don’t put out the fire!” Cheers and cackles Queen of Hearts Patrizia.

Erik picks up his Julia with the wheelbarrow

The Thuringian joker Erik has chosen Julia. After all, she only lives ten kilometers from the farmer’s farm. The route between the train station and the farm is a bit bumpy, but is mastered with lots of laughter and the lovingly decorated wheelbarrow. What fun! The two tractor nerds Michael and Max have the exact opposite in tow. Instead of using the wheelbarrow, the two farmers drive field machines that are just as flamboyant in power and energy. The ladies Christine, Mandy and Anna naturally clapped their hands enthusiastically.

“Bauer sucht Frau” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:15 pm on RTL. The program can also be consulted at all times on RTL+.

Of course, naughty teasing and jokes are also made. Farmer Michael is clearly leading the way in this regard. The cattle rancher from Lower Saxony insists on teasing his two ladies-in-waiting with a special kind of sleeping space: an old garage with two sun loungers? He can’t be serious, Christine and Mandy think. After a brief moment of shock, the cheeky, giggling farmer breaks out and leads the two guests to their actual sleeping berths – two specially borrowed five-star caravans: “Wow, someone really thought about that,” the two women exult. Let’s see which “colleague” will do the same for the sympathetic Lower Saxony in the near future.

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