Farewell to the Queen in London: That’s why only Harry and Meghan held hands

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Farewell to the Queen in London
That’s why only Harry and Meghan held hands

In a solemn procession, the next of kin takes Elizabeth II’s coffin to the British Parliament in London. Photos from Westminster Hall show Queen’s grandson Harry and his wife Meghan comforting each other by hand. The other royals, on the other hand, keep their distance from each other. That’s not for nothing.

The royal family, guards and numerous observers accompanied the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II on its way through London this afternoon. When the train reached Westminster Hall after nearly 40 minutes, soldiers carried the decorated coffin on their shoulders into the building, where it was placed on a pedestal. After a short service, members of the royal family and their partners left Westminster Hall.

But only one couple comforted each other with touches and holding hands: the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. On the other hand, neither touched King Charles III. and his wife Queen Camilla, nor his son Prince William and Princess Kate or his brother Prince Edward and Countess Sophie.

This is mainly due to protocol: hand in hand is not intended for active members of the royal family. Even Queen Elizabeth II did not hold her husband Prince Philip’s hand in public. However, Harry and Meghan have given up their royal duties and are officially citizens. There were also visual differences: Prince William wore a military uniform like a working royal, while Harry wore a mourning suit. Despite his military service in Afghanistan, the Queen’s grandson had to surrender his military titles when he left the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday at the age of 96 at her Scottish estate Balmoral Castle. The state funeral for the monarch is next Monday. Hundreds of heads of state and government, members of royal families and other dignitaries are expected in London.

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