Farewell to the podium: Jürgen Drews does it one last time

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Farewell to the podium
Jürgen Drews does it one last time

At the age of 77, it’s finally over: Jürgen Drews, the “King of Mallorca”, replays all his hits at his last live concert in Austria. Wife Ramona is also venerated. And there are other private moments in parting with Drews.

Schlager legend Jürgen Drews gave his last live concert at the Musikherbst am Wilden Kaiser in Ellmau, Austria. According to the organisers, thousands of fans from all over Europe came to cheer on the 77-year-old as he played hits like “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”, “When the Sparklers Burn” or “Again everything under control”. “It’s very special for me to be able to play my last live concert in Ellmau. I have many fond memories of this place,” Drews said in advance. On Instagram, Drews shared videos from the evening, which he calls “THE madness.”

Drew’s wife Ramona also had a small appearance. Finally, the singer brought the 49-year-old on stage and thanked him profusely for her support: “We’ve been married for 31 years, I’m a loyal sock, I can’t help it.” It became even more personal when Drews announced the latest song “It was all the best” declaring his career: “I am very grateful to fate. I originally wanted to study medicine, just like my father. When I started singing, he said my father: ‘Stay with it, you’re fooling people musically.’”

Jürgen Drews broke through in 1976 with the song “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”. In July of this year, he announced the end of his career. “Because I am at an age where others have long retired, I also said to myself: at some point it will be okay,” said the singer on the ARD show “The big hit beach party 2022 – it starts again!” .

Drew’s last television appearance was actually planned in Florian Silbereisen’s “Schlagerbooom”, but it can’t take place this fall. According to broadcaster MDR, the show is “The big hit anniversary 2022 – to the next 100!” scheduled for October 22. intended to celebrate Silbereisen’s 100th “Feste” show in the first. It is not yet known whether the king of Mallorca will be there.

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