Farewell to Elizabeth II: The Queen’s Last Voyage

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Farewell to Elizabeth II
The Queen’s Last Journey

By Martin Morcinek

From the burial site to Windsor Castle, on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the United Kingdom pays its final tribute to its late monarch with a lavish state ceremony. How and where does the funeral procession move through London?

The public imposition of the dead Queen is over, the state act to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II enters the next phase: A week and a half after the death of the British Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, the funeral ceremonies see the following ceremonies until the funeral at Windsor Castle earlier.

In a process planned down to the last detail, the first step is to transfer the Queen’s coffin from where it was set up in Westminster Hall in central London to nearby Westminster Abbey. Porters will lift the Queen’s coffin from the catafalque in Westminster Hall and take it to a carriage outside the north gate of the building.

The two-ton carriage is then pulled on ropes by Royal Navy soldiers to Westminster Abbey. Members of the royal family follow the coffin to Westminster Abbey, where the coffin enters the west gate of the church. There, around noon, the official funeral service takes place – in the presence of the royal family, high dignitaries and state guests from all over the world. A total of approximately 2000 invited participants are expected.

The funeral ceremonies for the Queen’s funeral in ntv.de live ticker

After the funeral, the coffin will be transported through West-Central London in a carriage from Westminster Abbey. Charles III and other members of the royal family walk behind the coffin, followed by soldiers from all 56 Commonwealth countries. The Big Ben clock in the tower of the British Houses of Parliament will ring within earshot and salutes will be fired every minute.

The route from Westminister Abbey to the triumphal arch “Wellington Arch” leads via the “Mall” – the beautiful boulevard in front of the royal residence in the British capital – to Buckingham Palace and from there further west to Hyde Park. The public funeral procession ends at the triumphal arch in honor of Wellington in the southeast corner of the park. From there, the Queen’s coffin is taken to Windsor in a hearse.

The city of Windsor is located approximately 20 miles west of central London. There, upriver on the Thames, are the extensive castle and palace complexes of Windsor Castle, the Queen’s former weekend residence. There, in the evening, Elizabeth II is buried in the Georgenkapelle (“St. George’s Chapel”). In the memorial chapel west of the mighty keep, the dead queen is said to be buried next to her mother – the ‘Queen Mum’ who died in 2002 – and her father, King George VI. find their final resting place.

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