Family Funeral: The Queen’s Coffin Has Arrived in Windsor

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Funeral in family circle
The Queen’s Chest Has Arrived in Windsor

After a ceremonial procession in London, Queen Elizabeth II is buried in a small circle in the evening in the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Before that, there is a funeral service with more than 800 guests in honor of the deceased.

The hearse containing the coffin of the late British Queen Elizabeth II has arrived at Windsor Castle. Hundreds of soldiers and dignitaries accompanied the Queen on the final leg of her final journey as the hearse slowly made its way to the palace. Thousands of people had gathered on either side of the avenue known as the Long Walk to pay their last respects to the Queen. Some threw flowers as the car passed them with the coffin draped in the royal standard.

The royal hearse was followed in convoy by Queen daughter Princess Anne and her husband Timothy Laurence. King Charles III, Queen Camilla and other members of the royal family were already waiting in the castle courtyard to join the funeral procession. The procession’s destination was the King George VI Memorial Chapel in the grounds of the castle. After a funeral service in the church, the Queen finds her final resting place there next to her Prince Consort Philip, who died last year.

The coffin had previously been loaded onto a hearse at Wellington Arch in the southeast corner of Hyde Park for transport to Windsor. For Londoners, who took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands to pay their last respects to their Queen during the procession, it is a farewell forever. Many waved and applauded as the hearse passed them.

Coffin covered with royal standard

During the afternoon procession, the Queen’s four children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, as well as grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry, walked behind the flower-decorated coffin. King’s consort Camilla and Princess Kate followed in the car with their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Duchess Meghan and Countess Sophie, wife of Prince Edward, were also in the car. The chest was covered with the royal standard, crown, sphere and scepter rested on it. The wreath of flowers on the coffin was engraved with the message “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R”, with the “R” standing for “Rex”, meaning king. The gun carriage, known as the gun carriage, on which the coffin was transported, was pulled by 98 Marines.

Numerous other soldiers from Britain and Commonwealth countries, police officers and NHS health officials joined the funeral procession. The royals had previously bid the Queen farewell during a service at Westminster Abbey, along with about 2,000 guests, including hundreds of heads of state and government, crowned heads and dignitaries from around the world.

Funeral scheduled at 8:30 p.m.

A televised funeral service at King George VI’s Memorial Chapel is attended by more than 800 guests, including members of the Royal Family, politicians and former staff of the Queen. After the service, to the sound of the bagpipes and a blessing from the Archbishop of Canterbury, the coffin is lowered into the Royal Tomb, closing the public part of the funeral. At the end of the ceremony, the national anthem “God Save the King” is sung.

Only close relatives will attend the Queen’s funeral at 8:30 PM CEST in the chapel, a special part of the church. The Queen’s parents and her sister Princess Margaret are also buried there. Prince Philip’s coffin is now also being moved from the royal tomb to the memorial chapel. Prince Harry and Meghan were married in St. George’s Chapel in May 2018 and Prince Philip’s funeral service took place there in April 2021. The chapel is also regularly used for royal baptisms.

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