Fabian Fuchs’ Worst Date: “Prince Charming” Fell For A Fake Profile

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RTL+ is now running the fourth season of the gay dating show ‘Prince Charming’, this time devoted to Fabian Fuchs. In an interview, the 33-year-old reveals what his life partner should look like and what pitfalls online dating already had in store for him.

The new “Prince Charming” season has started on RTL+. From now on, a new episode of the dating format will be released every Thursday. Fabian Fuchs is looking for love with 21 men to choose from. In the past, the 33-year-old Berliner also searched dating apps for the man of his dreams. As he reveals in the interview, his experiences have not only been good.

How did the people around you react to participating?

Fabian Fuchs: I got mixed feedback. Many friends and acquaintances have said, “Hey, that’s cool, do it. That’s something crazy that suits you.” I also got critical votes. In one format, you reveal a lot of personal information about yourself and make yourself vulnerable to other people. Moreover, people often become a product of the media, which ultimately wants to generate headlines and gossip. And many have wondered how my career will continue. Then I was often asked if I wanted to go to the jungle camp afterwards.

But that’s a big difference…

A lot of people don’t even know what they’re talking about. They just say, “You’re doing trash TV right now.” You don’t even get a chance to engage in a dialogue.

Who do you watch your season with?

In part I will only watch the show because I will be abroad. When I’m in Berlin, I grab my good friends and go through everything with them. For me it is an emotional experience of the whole. It then has an effect. The production time went by incredibly quickly and was so intense at the same time. But there just wasn’t enough time to think and process. I think I can make up for that with the show.

How did you prepare for your participation in “Prince Charming”?

Once the decision was made, everything went very quickly. I did a little prep with the wardrobe, organized some nicer things, like for the “Gentlemen’s Night”. I have a friend with good taste who supported me very well. After that, of course, I did a little sport and went to the hairdresser just before the show. (laughs)

Have you seen the previous three seasons of Prince Charming?

At least I’ve watched the last few seasons. This gave me a feel for how the dates actually work. Then I sat down with pen and paper and thought about what I wanted. That was a bit of writing and thinking. What do I want from a relationship? What are values ​​that are important to me? Which questions do I want an answer to? The show was a good habit: in normal dating, you don’t talk so intensely about relationships. That’s really the ultimate goal in this format.

What do you wish from your future partner?

For me, a potential partner must have a positive attitude towards life. Optimism and humor are very important. I want someone who sees the glass as half full instead of half empty. He should go through life with a little ease and not take it too seriously. I intend to, but I don’t always succeed. I often go to the gym and I like jogging. I would love it if my partner would also do a lot of sports, because then we share a hobby together.

Would you mind if the candidates liked each other?


Fabian is looking for love.

(Photo: RTL)

No, not a problem. Well, of course I wish that as Prince everyone would like me. But seriously, that’s a good thing! Everyone has different tastes and I can’t expect 21 guys to fall head over heels in love with me. That’s the reality check I’ve had before. We are all there for love and then I think it’s all sweet and beautiful. The candidates are in the house together for 24 hours, are in close contact with each other and tell each other everything.

In contrast, I only had short dates or happy hours. So I would totally understand if something were to arise in the house. It would of course be a shame if they were candidates that I thought were particularly good. But I try to take it easy. And then I would ask the contestants to admit that they would leave the show and give their luck a shot.

Would you say you are a jealous man?

Basically I’m not jealous. I give a lot of freedom and I don’t think you can lock anyone up. I think that loyalty and faithfulness must come from the person themselves and I think I can realistically demand that only to a certain extent. Either it comes from the other person or it doesn’t. I am someone who needs a little care.

Why did your past relationships fail?

In the end, it failed in part because there was no spark on one side or the other. I had met really great guys who weren’t interested in me. It also went the other way. I also met someone and the spark didn’t fly after a long dating phase. Then it became clear to me that I was really just looking for a relationship and that that person had to fit in somehow. It wasn’t fair to the person and I ended it.

What was your worst date so far?

“Prince Charming” on RTL+

The fourth season “Prince Charming” can be seen on RTL+ from September 29. There are new episodes every Thursday.

I had two bad dates then. I had a situation with someone who used fake photos through online dating. He was not the person in the pictures at all. Still, I made it to dinner and was just speechless. I just couldn’t believe it and thought, “I can’t do that now.” Then I had another bad date. That was with a very handsome guy that I also met on the internet. I thought he was the man of my dreams and based on the pictures I have already spun my fantasy together. But it was super boring: he got nothing out of it, didn’t ask any questions, really weird guy. Even though he looked so great, it didn’t work.

Would you say your flirting skills are good?

I think so. (grins) I am outgoing and I also like to hunt. I think that’s part of flirting and I think I can score quite well with men.

But “Prince Charming” is hunted, isn’t it?

Yes, this is picking up the gauntlet. I was also hounded a lot. The candidates were really after me, wanted my dates and office hours. But I also thought it was really cool because it showed that the guys are serious.

Do you sometimes feel that candidates are not serious?

yes to be honest You can of course deduce that from the reactions. Of course my wish would be that all men are there for love and want to get to know their dream partner. But I don’t know what goes on in people’s minds. I may not be the right person for someone and that’s okay. But then you don’t have to do anything. I do believe that one or the other has used the format to gain media impact and start a TV career. We’ll see after the broadcast. I’m really looking forward to it.

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