Ex-police officers kill 23 kindergarten children and 12 adults in Thailand

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Former Thai police officers stabbed and shot babies, teachers – one of them pregnant – then killed his wife and son and committed suicide

Regeneration, October 6, 2022. At least 35 dead, most of them children It was the result of an attack by a former police officer, Panya Khamrab, who was fired from the police force for drug possession.

The incidents happened at a kindergarten in Nong Bua Lamphu, a province in the northeast of the country.

The authorities report that 23 children are among the victims. ANDhe youngest was only two years old.



It should be noted that it is reported that the former police officer was looking for his two-year-old son, but the boy wasn’t there, so he started shooting and stabbing people in the children’s room.

This was explained by a police spokesman.

It is also stated that the subject was armed with a pistol and a knife, opened fire in the center at about 12:30 p.m.

He also entered one of the rooms where children were sleeping and stabbed them.

And then he fled the scene in a white Toyota pickup. 24 bodies were found in the children’s room, including 19 boys, three girls and two adults.


On the other hand, the 34-year-old attacker is also said to have killed and killed his wife her son after he fled the kindergarten and returned home, according to local authorities.

After the massacre, police, who circulated photos of the shooter on social media, reported that Panya Khamrab had committed suicide.

– «The attacker rammed a motorcycle and two people were injured. I accelerated to get away from him. He intended to trip everyone he met along the way.”

The above was restored by AFP about what happened in Thailand.


However, until now the motive for the massacre is not clear, but, The gunman, a former lieutenant colonel, would have been released by police on June 15 for possession and sale of methamphetamine.

A local official then told Reuters there were more than 30 children at the nursery in the city of Uthai Sawan, more than 400 kilometers from Bangkok.

There the armed man interrupted at lunchtime, First, five employees were shot, including a teacher who was eight months pregnant.

“At first people thought it was fireworks. Then the shooter He entered a locked room where children were sleeping and killed them with a knife.”the official explained.


Finally, the portals point to the latest mass shooting in the Southeast Asian country It was in 2020 that a soldier was killed after killing 29 and injuring 52.

This after 18 hours of digging in a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon.

And in the records, Thailand ranks second among countries in the region, behind the Philippines in the number of gun homicides.

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