Ex-Beatle was cheeky: Queen giggled at Paul McCartney’s joke

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Ex-Beatle was cheeky
Queen giggled at Paul McCartney’s joke

Paul McCartney is considered a chauvinist, but no one would think he would risk a cheeky lip on the Queen of England. But in 2018 he does. However, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t blame it and giggles rather unmajestic.

Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney recalled his encounters with the late Queen Elizabeth II with detailed text and many photos on his website. McCartney wrote that he had met the Queen eight or nine times – the first time in October 1965, when the Beatles received their MBE (“Member of the British Empire”) medals. Meetings followed, for example at anniversary concerts or in 1997, when Queen McCartney was knighted. About 20 years later she promoted him again: to Companion of Honor.

The presentation of this medal in 2018 was the last meeting, describes the superstar in his text. At the time, he also allowed himself a joke: “I shook her hand, leaned forward and said, ‘We must stop meeting like this’”. The Queen giggled and went on with the ceremony. Afterwards he wondered if that wasn’t a bit cheeky, “it was the queen after all”. But he had a feeling she didn’t mind.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at the age of 96. Leaders and celebrities from all over the world expressed their grief and shared their memories of the Queen.

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