Ex-Beatle has Corona: Ringo Starr has to cancel concerts

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Ex-Beatle has Corona
Ringo Starr has to cancel concerts

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is now 82 years old. However, he is still on the podium. But now a corona disease is thwarting his plans. He has to cancel several concerts.

Music legend Ringo Starr is infected with the corona virus. Several American media report this in unison, citing a statement from his management. Accordingly, the former Beatles drummer had to cancel a total of five scheduled concerts in Canada. The statement said the 82-year-old is recovering at home and hopes to be back on the concert stage soon.

The musician had previously canceled two performances in the United States due to an alleged cold. The organizer initially announced that Starr’s voice was impaired, preventing the musician from performing. However, a Covid-19 disease was initially ruled out.

Seven more shows on the edge

It is not yet known what the other planned concerts will look like. Overall, Starr’s tour schedule includes appearances in Seattle, Portland, San Jose, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, and two shows in Mexico City.

Besides Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr is the last living Beatle from the well-known 1962 lineup. However, Starr is not a founding member: after original drummer Pete Best left, he took his place and was an ongoing member of the 1962 cult band. until it disintegrated in 1970. He then embarked on a solo career. Since then he has given concerts all over the world with his All Starr Band in varying line-ups.

McCartney celebrated his 80th birthday in June. Piet Best is also 80 years old. Beatles singer John Lennon was murdered in 1980 – his killer Mark David Chapman is still in prison and has only recently failed again to apply for his release. George Harrison, who was also a founding member of the band, died of cancer in 2001.

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