Escalation in the summer house: Patrick turns Antonia into an emotional wreck

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She is “stupid” and should “get your finger out of your ass”: Farmer Patrick uses psychological violence against his lady-in-waiting Antonia. All about the sixth episode and a man consumed by ambition who calls his partner a “sissy”.

“He thinks from wallpaper to wall,” says Doris about Eric. Basler adds: “He doesn’t change, that’s a notorious liar!” It is no longer known which couple should be more unpleasant in the “Summer House of the Stars”: Eric and his “Katha” or farmer Patrick and his lady-in-waiting Antonia.

While Sindermann believes the analyst he once loved “rams a knife in his back,” Sindermann believes the man with bad taste in fashion has “two faces.” Finally, the two realize their relationship is over. But the viewer only finds the public skirmish of the unequal pair exhausting. Katha is crying again, Eric is packing his bags. They squabble in front of the cameras: the “mentally ill” should kindly “shut up”. And while Katha discovers that she has been “ridden by Germany”, he fears “blatant damage to her image”.

“You’re perfect and I suck!”

The sixth episode of “Summer House of the Stars” also has a good thing: the uneven team first pulls the tightrope and then off. Finally, the group can breathe again without anyone escalating emotionally. But the peaceful atmosphere is short-lived. Farmer Patrick reveals despotic traits to his lady-in-waiting. Completely eaten up with ambition, he smothers Antonia in one tour.

In the game “Don’t abandon yourself” he ignores her panicky fear of heights and constantly chides her. When asked to respect her opinion, the emotionally underexposed man whistles that she has “no fighting spirit” and should kindly “go outside of herself”. He ignores her tears, worse, he even folds them up.

Antonia is “too stupid” to solve “kindergarten tasks”. She has “no bite” and needs to “stop crying”. Then the desperate one: “You’re perfect and I’m shit! And it’s been like that ever since we’ve been together.” Making scenes like this, there’s no other way to put it, the heartbeat of the viewer racing. But they are, and that’s the sad thing about reality TV, in demand. In any case, this has nothing to do with passionate confrontation anymore!

Instead, we see a toxic relationship where he emotionally breaks her up a little more every day. And what does Antonia do instead of dumping the man? She goes to bed with him, begs, literally screams for love.

“Get your finger out of the ass!”

Above all, it’s the constant teasing in her direction, as if the 22-year-old is the worst loser on the planet. Every loving sentence of hers, every tender gesture is torpedoed. When asked if Patrick would like to eat a slice of pizza too, he defiantly asks, “Did you even deserve that?”

After Antonia lets her tears flow and finally wants to join the others with the garrling, he pecks at her “crying face” and can’t understand that she’s “not picking up her ass”. Antonia, described by her partner as a “sissy”, should “get your finger out of your ass”. There is nothing on his part: no comfort, no loving gesture – no respect!

It’s hard to focus on the other roommates. For example, the fact that the new housemate Marco cooks excellently for the team, that Cosimo and his sweetheart are wonderfully in harmony with each other, or that Super Mario believes that his physical exhaustion may be due to the fact that he “smokes less”.

“Not Over My Wife’s Dead Body”

It gets funny with the game “Egg Banging”, in which the men break open a raw egg on their head and the women have to answer questions. Yvonne Mölders doesn’t know what a dissertation is, and Patrick is ahead on points. But the mood quickly changes. How the farmer treats his girlfriend shocks the whole group. It doesn’t matter if they win the match. Mario thinks you “don’t go over your own wife’s corpse to save (…)”.

It makes little sense to take the man so determined to win aside and ask him if he “still has all the cups in the cupboard”. It’s really scary that you have to tell him to give his Antonia a hug please. That’s no fun in the summer house!

And then the quartet gambled away! The Baslers and the Mölders go astray by nominating each other. But suddenly farmer Patrick is the one who tips the scales on who can stay in the house. His decision: the Mölders must go. That Yvonne is “such a bad loser” of all people annoys many. At least she has someone in her Sascha to hug her and dry her tears.

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