Erika Andreeva gets the spot for the next stage after winning in the previous qualifying round

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The WTA was founded in 1973 by American tennis player Billie Jean King.  (Infobae)
The WTA was founded in 1973 by American tennis player Billie Jean King. (Infobae)

Erika Andreyev,, number 134 in the WTA, fulfilled the forecasts with a win 6-1 and 6-1 to the Italian player Federica di SarraWTA number 411, in the qualifying round of the WTA 250 tournament in parma. With this win, Andreeva manages to add new points to her ranking to enter the WTA 250 tournament parma.

in the tournament of parma (WTA Parma) there is a pre-qualification phase that the tennis players with the lowest scores must pass in order to participate in the official tournament. It is precisely in this part of the competition that 24 tennis players face each other. It will also take place between September 24th and October 1st on sand in the open air.

Popular sport worldwide

Tennis is undoubtedly a classic sport. Four tournaments (the so-called “Grand Slams”) draw all the attention each year: The season begins with the Australian Opento continue with the audio track of Roland GarrosShe’s traveling to London with the party Wimbledon and ends in the United States with the US Open.

Throughout the rest of the year, players continue to compete around the world, finishing seasons on the different surfaces: hard or fast track, clay either herb.

Tennis showed up Europe Late 18th century and since 1926 it is a professional sports after creating the first tour. It was particularly popular with the upper class in English-speaking countries, but is now a world sport. It’s divided two categories: the competition of men (ATP) and women (WTA).


That ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) is the association of professional tennis players that brings together players from around the world in the men’s category.

The ATP Tour organizes several tournaments throughout the year: ATP Masters 1000 (when a player wins the tournament, he takes 1000 points to add him to the ATP ranking), ATP 500 and ATP 250. Below these tournaments, at a lower tier, is the ATP Challenger Tour, where the future stars of world tennis compete . In addition, the association also handles the Grand Slams.

The struggle to be the best in history doesn’t end in the male category. The Spanish Rafael Nadalthe Serbian Novak Djokovic and the swiss Roger Federer They fight to break all records and get the most Grand Slams. The three players are often referred to as “Big Three‘ towards the new generations or ‘next gen’.

These new future tennis stars have entered the tennis world with a bang, as in the case of the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipasfrom Italian Matteo BerretiniThe German Alexander Zverev or the Russians Medvedev Y rublev.

Novak Djokovic currently holds the record for week in 1st place of the ATP rankings, closely followed by Roger Federer, legendary American player Pete Sampras, Iván Lendl and Jimmy Connors.


That WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) was founded in 1973 by the famous former tennis player billie jean king. The Californian won 39 Grand Slam titles in her playing career and is a benchmark and icon in the world of tennis.

There are currently many female tennis players struggling to stay at the top of the world tennis elite, surpassing Stefanie Graff or Serena Williams. Players like the Poles Iga Swiątek (Champion of Roland Garros 2021), the Greek Maria Sakkar either Paula Badosa (the first Spanish winner of Indian Wells) are fighting to stay in the famous top 10 of the WTA rankings.

In 2022, the Australian tennis player will Asleigh Barty announced his permanent retirement from the world of tennis, leaving an impressive career with several Grand Slams. Now it’s the other players turn to take over and become number 1.

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