Emotional apology: Lady Gaga has to cancel concert

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emotional apology
Lady Gaga has to cancel concert

Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica Ball” tour should find its grand finale with a concert in Miami. Then the singer has to stop her performance early. On Instagram, the 36-year-old tearfully reports to her fans and explains her motives.

Lady Gaga has canceled Saturday night’s concert at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for security reasons. Heavy rain and thunderstorms threw a spanner in the works for the 36-year-old singer. The performance was the last show of their “Chromatica Ball” tour. On Instagram, she reports in tears to her fans after the demolition.

“We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami, but we couldn’t, because even when the rain stopped for a bit, there was lightning hitting the ground so close to us,” explains the musician, who is still speaking with her fans on her stage outfit and heavy makeup.

“I don’t know what I would do if something happened to someone in the audience or a member of my crew, my band, my dancers,” added Lady Gaga. “I’m sorry we couldn’t do the epic performance of ‘Rain On Me’ in the rain, but what I value more is life.” An early termination of the show was the healthy decision – “for all of you and for me too.”

Another post shows a selfie of the 36-year-old in tears with a bouquet of flowers that a fan had thrown on stage. Among other things, she wrote: “Thank you for trusting me. It was the most beautiful journey of my life and I will always cherish this moment. Thank you for the flowers and the greetings and for understanding. Life counts.” Fans expressed their support for the singer under the post. “We love you, Gaga,” it reads, among other things, and “Thanks for everything, Queen.”

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