‘Emancipation’ in the Oscar race: Will Smith’s film surprisingly gets a start date

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“Emancipation” in the Oscar race
Will Smith’s Movie Gets Surprise Release Date

The rumors turn out not to be true: the slavery drama “Emancipation” will be released on December 9. Despite a suspension for Will Smith after the scandal on the open stage, his new film has qualified for the next Oscars.

For a long time, it looked like the streaming service Apple TV+ would not release Will Smith’s already completed movie “Emancipation”. After all, the star and this year’s Oscar winner hit comedian Chris Rock onstage at the Academy Awards, causing a lot of bad press about his person. But now the slavery drama has been given an official start date. “Emancipation” will be released worldwide on Apple TV+ on December 9. The streaming service also presented a first teaser trailer.

After the blow to the open stage, Will Smith will not be able to attend the Oscars for the next ten years, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had ordered the 54-year-old. But because “Emancipation” kicks off in some US theaters on December 2, the film is in theory even eligible for next year’s Oscars. The liberation story, which is partly a gripping survival thriller, is in principle also an excellent Oscar candidate.

Racists are always after him

In “Emancipation,” Will Smith plays Peter, a slave who flees through the Louisiana swamps in 1863 to join the Union army and win his freedom. Ruthless, racist fighters are always on his tail when he escapes. The film is inspired by one of the most famous photographs from the American Civil War era. It shows the back of the so-called “Whipped Peter”, disfigured by numerous lashes from his slave owners. Known as “The Scourged Back,” the recording significantly influenced public opinion in the northern states in the 1860s and proved beyond any doubt the inhumane cruelty of slavery.

There had been rumors before that Apple was holding back the Civil War drama that had reportedly cost about $120 million and had already been completed. The release was originally planned for the fall.

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