El Yordy DK: Know all the details of the tour that will take place in Peru

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The tickets were sold out by the fans within a few hours.
The tickets were sold out by the fans within a few hours.

The successful singer-songwriter the Yordy DK, continues to surprise his followers and lovers of urban music, this time by announcing that he will make a big tour of our country, including some important cities.

the young artist He is excited and grateful for all the support he receives from his fans, which is why the talented urban singer has prepared a tour in our country in October in the city of Lima, as well as in Chincha, Arequipa and Trujillo.

“The somewhat very Great Power come to Lima, but also visit three of its beautiful cities. I love Peruvian food, the climate, the quality of the people, their friendliness. That’s why it will always be a pleasure for me to go to Peru, I feel at home,” said the young man.

On this tour, the audience not only enjoys his songs like “You Killed Me”, “Loser’s Night”, “I love you for me”, “Water”among other things, because he wants to count on the cooperation of the salsa singer Kate Candela.

As mentioned, Kate Candela is one of the most recognized salsa singers in Peru and is currently participating in the program hosted by Gisela Valcarcel.

The Peruvian singer will share the stage with a Cuban artist.
The Peruvian singer will share the stage with a Cuban artist.

“It’s an honor for me to share the stage with such a talented woman with a rich history who has a huge audience of followers who support her at all times. This evening we will offer a unique concert, we are sure that everyone will like it,” commented the international talent.

As we recently learned The Yordy DK Together with L Kimii, they collaborated with the group La Combinación de la Habana, with whom they recorded the song “Atea”, a video clip that has around 3 million views.

“We thank the public we have in different parts of the world for all the support they give my songs. Every song we work on We always do it believing that the public will like it, that it will be a success,” he said.

Therefore this 23rd October will perform at the Salsa Orchestra Anniversary at the Plaza Arena. “I’m very excited to arrive in Peru and be in touch with my fans,” he said on his social media.

The Yordy DK His goal is to keep working on his music career and making more music, and his hard work is reflected in every song and video he releases. So if you want to learn more about this talented singer, you can visit his YouTube channel. Dboutic music.

"final" It is the last subject of the Cuban artist.
“Final” is the latest song by the Cuban artist.

Let’s remember that this Cuban singer managed to establish himself in different countries in such a short time, even his videos reach them Millions of views in such a short time. “We make quality productions, we’re a great working team and we always like to know about the latest developments in audio engineering,” he explained.

A few weeks ago, The Yordy Dkhas premiered its new clip titled “Final” and has already racked up more than 250,000 views on the platform youtubefor whom their social networks have remained more active than ever, even doubling the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

“We are counting the days to Peru. We are already announcing that We’ll be singing with Kate Candela, but we’ll be announcing other national talent soon who share the stage with us. The 4 concert dates in this beautiful country will be a dream for us, we hope that everyone will participate,” said the Cuban.


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