Duchess talks skin color: Meghan ‘treated like black’ after Harry dates

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Duchess talks about skin color
Meghan ‘treated like black’ only after Harry dates

In the second episode of her podcast “Archetypes”, Duchess Meghan invites a woman who she says inspired her as a child – singer Mariah Carey. During the conversation, the two realize that they have a lot in common.

On the second episode of Duchess Meghan’s Spotify podcast “Archetypes,” the 41-year-old and her guest, singer Mariah Carey, talked about the importance of their skin color. The Duchess of Sussex later explains that she was inspired by the singer as a child because Carey is also of mixed heritage. Meghan thought, “Oh my god. Someone who looks like me. She’s mixed like me,” adding that she’s a fan of the star.

Carey has not had an easy life. The 53-year-old tells the podcast that she moved more than a dozen times in her youth and grew up without a lot of money. With each new beginning, she had to struggle to adapt. “I didn’t belong,” said the singer. “You know, there were either the black areas of the city or the areas where my mother lived that were more white. And I didn’t belong anywhere.’

“You’re somewhere in between”

Duchess Meghan can understand that: “Because we are light-skinned, you are not treated like a black woman. You are not treated like a white woman. You are somewhere in between.” If there was a time in the 41-year-old’s life “when everything was more about the color of my skin, it wasn’t until I started dating my husband”. Only then did she begin to understand “what it’s like to be treated as a black woman,” Meghan says, referring to her relationship with Prince Harry. “Because until then I had been treated like a mixed race woman. That really changed then.”

Duchess Meghan’s podcast “Archetypes” has reached the top of the Spotify charts in several countries after the release of the first episode. In the first episode, tennis star Serena Williams was a guest in Meghan’s studio. The two powerful women spoke of prejudices that successful and ambitious women unfortunately still face. Next week, author and actress Mindy Kaling will be our guest.

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