Dua Lipa in Mexico: all the places she visited during her stay in Aztec countries

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    Dua Lipa visited several emblematic places in the CDMX (Photo: Infobae archives)
Dua Lipa visited several emblematic places in the CDMX (Photo: Infobae archives)

the british singer Dua Lipa is found in it mexican countries because of the dates he has arranged for the tour nostalgia of the futuresince last September 21st he had a concert at the Foro Sol de la Mexico City.

It seems that the interpreter of Don’t start now She was fascinated by the land of the Aztecs because she decided to visit several emblematic places during her short stay in the capital, including a well-known nightclub.

And that on the night of September 21st, after his last concert in CDMXDua Lipa decided to go dancing Looloo Studioa bar in the pink zonein which he was seen with his current partner, the actor Elite, Aaron Piper.

The unfortunate thing is that both artists had to stop their fun and witness it Earthquake of 6.9 what happened this morning September 22nd. This became known because they ran videos of her scared on social networks.

Hours after the end of her concert, Dua Lipa was caught by the earthquake this morning at CDMX.  (Recording: Twitter/@God_Father | TikTok/@stefano.vidall)
Hours after the end of her concert, Dua Lipa was caught by the earthquake this morning at CDMX. (Recording: Twitter/@God_Father | TikTok/@stefano.vidall)

But not everything was trembling, because before the concert, the young singer decided to visit some cultural sites like that Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and displayed several photographs of the interior of the late painter’s enclosure.

Similarly, a photo was taken next to Kahlo’s last painting, which was Live the lifewhich is a painting of several watermelons cut in different ways and one of them has said phrase written on it.

He also visited Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the Paseo de la Reforma in the Bosque de Chapultepec and wrote: “This contemporary art gallery always inspires me.”

This is one of the most important cultural sites in Mexico City, where works by Pablo PicassoHenry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Rafael Soto, Roberto Matta and others.

Apparently the interpreter is very interested in architecture because she was in the Barragan House Museumof the architect Luis Barragan, which is located in the City Hall of Miguel Hidalgo. Dua shared a series of photos posing at the location with the phrase, “BARRAGAN SKY“.

On his tour, he couldn’t miss the famous Quetzalcoatl’s Nesta spectacular site built by the Mexican architect Javier Senosian and it was a place she had visited last year.

In fact, in 2021 she shared a video sliding down one of the slides in the beautiful garden, while on that occasion she posted a photo of her leaning on one of the Nido railings on which you can see some parts of the slide to be able to see. amazing and colorful building.

Mexican food couldn’t be missing from his experience of getting to know Mexico City, so he went to eat opposite seaa fish restaurant in the Roma district in the center of the capital.

Besides ordering seafood, she also uploaded some photos of Mexican dishes and was accompanied by her friend Simon Porte Jacquemusa designer who has become very close to her in recent months.

It should be noted that he also frequented the restaurant Maximum bistro where according to some fans, Dua Lipa populated the margaritas with mezcal and other typical Mexican dishes. Outside, some followers were waiting for her, with whom she took photos.

The Brits have been arriving in town since September 19, so she probably witnessed the first tremors that hit midday after practice, and it seems she’ll be leaving for the next concert soon Monterey, tomorrow 23.09.

According to several videos on social networks, Dua Lipa really enjoyed her concert in Mexico, she was seen with a lot of energy and also spoke Spanish, something that saved her from being criticized for using the famous Dr. Simi stuffed animal.


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