“Drug, red light, rocker”: RTL documentary examines Mangold’s Malle Club

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“drug, red light, rocker”
RTL documentary examines Mangold’s Malle Club

Mallorca – 24 hour party. Ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold probably thinks the same when he comes here in the club business. But moments later he gives up on his dream. As part of the new research series ‘Felix Hutt reveals’, RTL is tracking down the precipices in Mallorca.

Ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold fulfilled a long-cherished dream at the end of May: he opened his own club in Mallorca together with Dutch investors. He puts a lot of money into the venue and is convinced of the concept of his “Hello the Club”. After all, he even gives the goal: “We want to be number one in Mallorca.”


He soon said goodbye to his club in Mallorca: Ex-“Bachelor” Andrej Mangold.

(Photo: IMAGO/nicepix.world)

But moments later the dream is over. In mid-August, the report circulated that Mangold had withdrawn from the project. For personal reasons, as they say. “I underestimated the workload and due to several other projects I just can’t find enough time to meet my requirements,” explains the 35-year-old.

Or are there possibly other reasons? For example, tonight at 8.15 pm on RTL the documentary “Drugs, Red Light, Rocker – The Criminal Fight for Our Favorite Island Mallorca” will be broadcast as part of the new research series “Felix Hutt Reveals” time on RTL+ includes a look at the ominous bouncer scene in “Hello the Club”.

A high price

Reporter Felix Hutt and his team were on the road in Mallorca for a year, according to the program announcement. The journalists uncovered the island’s sinister machinations, including drug trafficking, gang warfare and corruption.


Felix Hutt (center) discovers crime in Mallorca.

(Photo: RTL)

Hutt’s investigation doesn’t just lead to Ballermann, where Majorcan clans fight with all their might for dominance. He also looks around the dangerous slum of Son Banya, the main drug hub of Mallorca. In addition, the RTL reporter investigates who the beach sellers of Mallorca actually are. Is it a tragic individual fate or is there a larger organization behind it?

“We encountered forced prostitutes, desperate junkies and ripped off rockers. We confronted the godfather of Mallorca and discovered the war over the gunman. Sangria, beaches, hiking and carefree holidays – many people on the island pay for all this without the tourists noticing it. Hutt says of the results of his months-long research. It’s about time he shared it with TV viewers.

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