“Do you understand pleasure?”: Does Barbara Schöneberger bury the cult show?

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Over the weekend, Barbara Schöneberger presented a primetime “special” of “Do you understand pleasure?”. Verena and Ronny watched the summer issue and are shocked.

If on Saturday night primetime “Do you understand fun?” once, more than 20 million people sat in front of the television. A few decades later, only about two million people tune in. This was also the case last weekend when Barbara Schöneberger, the new presenter of the fun format, presented a summer edition. The whole was provided with the addition “special”.

But behind this “special” was nothing more than old “VSS?” clips and canned laughter. The lukewarm dike patches were enriched from the start with comments from Schöneberger.

On the current episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”, Verena and Ronny talk about the quota disaster of “Do you understand fun?”. For example, the media portal Quontantmeter asks the long-awaited question: “Does Schöneberger damage the range ‘Do you understand pleasure?’?”. The presenters even go a step further and believe that Barbara Schöneberger’s permanent presence on German television will eventually be the nail in the coffin for the already dusty format.

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