Diane Kruger stars in Akin’s miniseries about Marlene Dietrich

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Diane Kruger stars
Akin is making a miniseries about Marlene Dietrich

The life of Marlene Dietrich probably offers too much material for a classic film: her criticism of Nazi Germany, her career in Hollywood, her songs, all this needs to be turned into a miniseries. Fatih Akin directs, with Diane Kruger in the lead role.

The biography “My Mother Marlene”, written by Marlene Dietrich’s daughter Maria Riva, will be filmed. The nearly 900-page book will evolve into a five-episode miniseries. UFA Fiction and Bombero International have announced this. Fatih Akin will direct the ambitious project, while internationally successful actress Diane Kruger slips into the role of Dietrich. The project is currently being planned under the working title “Marlene”.

According to Akin, this is “not only the first series I wrote and directed, but also the greatest challenge in my cinematic work. Marlene was not only a film icon, but also a woman in exile, a German migrant in America, a resistance fighter and much more.” He is also pleased to add a new chapter to his “successful collaboration with Diane Kruger”. In 2017, the two had already recorded the drama “Out of Nowhere” together.

Kruger, who is also on board as executive producer of “Marlene” alongside Akin, is confident that the director will “film not only a series about the icon and world star Marlene Dietrich, but most importantly the intimate portrait of a unique woman in a extraordinary era”. She “can’t wait to get back in front of Fatih’s camera and put Marlene Dietrich back in the spotlight”.

Successful as a singer and actress

Born in Schöneberg in 1901, Marlene Dietrich is still considered a style icon and one of the first German-speaking stars to gain a foothold in Hollywood. Rather than support Nazi propaganda, she became an American citizen in the late 1930s and visited and performed for American soldiers during World War II. In 1947, she received the Medal of Freedom from U.S. President Harry S. Truman for her services.

Her best-known films include “Red Lola” by Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) and “A Foreign Affair” by Billy Wilder. As a singer she made her name with songs like “Lili Marleen” and “I’m set on love from top to toe”.

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