“Der Schiffsarzt”: “Let’s Dance” star Ekat plays his first acting role

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“Ekat” had “weak knees”
‘Let’s Dance’ star makes acting debut

Ekaterina Leonova is not easily fooled on the dance floor. But acting as an actress in the RTL series “Der Schiffsarzt” is a completely new experience for the star of “Let’s Dance”. “Ekat” even worried about embarrassing himself.

Before her acting debut, Ekaterina “Ekat” Leonova was more nervous than ever. The professional dancer made this known from “Let’s Dance” in an interview with RTL, where she celebrated her debut on Tuesday evening in the new series “Der Schiffsarzt” (also shown on RTL+).

Before she first appeared in front of the camera, she had “weak knees,” Leonova says. “I’m super excited because this is a new experience that I’ve never had before,” said the 35-year-old on the sidelines of filming about her debut as an actress. “I have to act. And I got quite a lot of text, and that is of course not so easy.”

Forgetting the lyrics is her biggest fear, Leonova explains, giving the reason: “Then the whole production stops and waits for me to get the lyrics back in my head. That would be a real shame.”

dream of acting

“Ekat”, as the dancer is known by her nickname, plays a dance teacher in the series who swings the dance leg in a scene with the ship’s doctor Eric Leonhard. She praised actor Moritz Otto for his dancing skills – and he praised her for her acting performance, even though she didn’t have much text in the scene in question. Leonova posted an example on Instagram.

Becoming an actor has been her dream since she was a child, Leonova reveals. But another artistic activity had priority: “I danced, and if you dance professionally, you don’t have time for other things.” But she always acted in the theater at school and in college.

“Der Schiffsarzt” is about Dr. Eric Leonhard boards a cruise ship in search of his missing wife. His wife was last seen there.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, September 21, 2022.)

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