Demand for more climate protection: what Barbara Schöneberger and Ikke Hipgold have in common

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Ask for more climate protection
What Barbara Schöneberger and Ikke Hipgold have in common

The summer of 2022 will also show the consequences of climate change drastically in Germany. Now 30 celebrities from very different backgrounds are calling for tougher measures to combat global warming. After all, many would like to “have something banned by Robert Habeck”.

In the weekly “Die Zeit”, 30 celebrities and leaders call on the government to do more to protect the climate. In addition, they sometimes call for more bans.

“I would really like something to be banned by Robert Habeck,” moderator Barbara Schöneberger told the federal government and the minister of climate protection. “I think we need strict prohibitions, because everyone can do almost anything differently if the others have to do it too.”

Ballermann star Ikke Hipgold, who was “an environmental pig” in his own words, says: “I think cheap flights should be abolished, even if it hurts me. You can’t go to Mallorca or Bulgaria for a day flies. A few years ago I took the car myself for a 500 meter journey. But my two daughters transformed me.”

Glacier melt and mosquito invasion

Celebrities in the “Zeit” also include DGB boss Yasmin Fahimi, SPD politician Gesine Schwan, influencer Aminata Belli, bestselling author Frank Schätzing, inclusion activist Raul Krauthausen, “Tagesschau” weather expert Sven Plöger, the chairman of the council of the Evangelische Church in Germany, Annette Kurschus, and the chairman of the Siemens Energy Supervisory Board, Joe Kaeser.

ZDF presenter Markus Lanz is shocked at how fast the glaciers are melting in his native South Tyrol. “The speed even scares off climate researchers,” says the talk show host. “And where the ice is gone, the permafrost thaws. Whole slopes and half-valleys start to move.”

The virologist Hendrik Streeck, who became a TV celebrity during the Corona crisis, also warns about the health consequences of climate change: “As a result of rising temperatures, mosquitoes are becoming native to us, which actually have no place at these latitudes.” Even though not all mosquitoes are carriers, diseases such as dengue fever or the Zika virus will have to be tackled and the Anopheles mosquito could soon be brought to Germany: “Malaria! These are things that we can avoid with good climate protection. .”

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