Day without cars and motorcycles in Bogotá: These are the bike paths that are released

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Archive image from one of the bike path days in Bogotá.  Photo: Alvaro Tavera.  COLPRESS ©
Archive image from one of the bike path days in Bogotá. Photo: Alvaro Tavera. COLPRESS ©

east Thursday, 09/22 in Bogota A new day of day without a car Given the expected high demand in the mass transit system transmilenioand in the Integrated Transport System (SITP)the quarter several cycle path corridors, so that citizens can move around more comfortably in the state capital.

Because in town will be restricted the movement of vehicles and motorcycles between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.mthe District Institute for Recreation and Sport (IDRD) announced that in addition to 598 kilometers of cycle paths that already exist in Bogotá, They will enable an additional 107.63 kilometers of temporary bike lanesso that citizens have an alternative means of transport.

“This is the ideal day for more people to find a safe and comfortable means of transport on bicycles. That’s why we invite you to enjoy our routes and breathe a purer air. And for those who want to improve their riding skills, we will have the accompaniment of our Bogotá Pedalea programs, as always,” said IDRD Director Blanca Durán.

Here’s how to do it This Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m, The 107.6-kilometre cycle path is open at the following points:

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– Av. Boyacá between Calle 170 and Calle 134, along the bike path on the east and west sides. Extension 3.4 km.

– Av. Boyacá between Calle 134 and Calle 127B, for the temporary bike lane installed by SDM. Extension 1.85 km.

– Av. Boyacá between Calle 127B and Calle 86 A, along the bike path on the east side. Extension 2.25 km

– Av. Boyacá between Calle 86 A and Carrera 24, via the East Expressway. Extension 16.4 km.

– Av. Boyacá between Carrera 24 and Diagonal 68ª South, via the separate north lane (slow) of the north road. Extension 6.4 km.

– Carrera 9 between calle 147 and 127, along the cycle path extension 2.42 km.

– Carrera 9 between calle 127 and 106 along the entire west street. Extension 2 km.

– Calle 106 between Carrera 9 and 7, along the entire North Street. Extension 940 meters.

– Calle 116 between Carrera 11 and Av. Suba, via the bike path. Extension 4.1 km.

– Calle 116 between Av. Suba and Av. Boyacá, along the entire north road. Extension 1.34 km.

– Av. Córdoba between Calle 127 and Av. Suba, along the bike path. Extension 899 meters.

– Carrera 15 between Calle 116 and Calle 100 through the East West Street separate lane.

– Carrera 15 between Calle 100 and 73, along the separate western lane with the only access road.

– The roundabout of Carrera 15 with Calle 100 will be released on the east and west side.

– Calle 73 between Carrera 13 and Carrera 7, through the separate lane south of North Street.

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– Carrera 7 between calle 10 and calle 24, completely pedestrianized street. Extension 2.92 km.

– Carrera 7 between Calle 24 and 106, bike path. Extension 9.02 km.

– Carrera 50 between Calle 39 A sur and Calle 9 (Av. Américas), full west lane. Extension 4.33 km.

– Calle 26 between Carrera 7 and Carrera 50, along the entire South Street. Extension 4.64 km.

– Calle 26 between Carrera 50 and Monumento de Reyes, along the cycle path of the central partition. Extension 6.24 km.

Complete street:

CL 39 B south between Av. Boyacá and KR 72 K.

CL 40 South between KR 72K and KR 72 m (DG 40 South).

DG 40 South between KR 72 m (the entire block).

CL 40C South between KR 72 M and TV 74C.

TV 74C between CL 40I South and CL 41 South.

TV 78 between CL 41 South and CL41B South.

KR 78 between CL 41B South and DG 44 South.

DG 44 South between KR 78 and KR 77Y bis.

KR 77Y Bis between DG 44 South and CL 46B South.

KR 77Y between CL 46B South and CL 48A South.

KR 78 between CL 48A South and CL 52A South.

CL 52A south between KR 78 and KR 77v Bis A

KR 77v Bis A between CL 52A South and DG 54A.

KR 78 between CL 55 South and CL 57A South.

CL 57A South between KR 78 and KR 80. KR 80 between CL 57A South and CL 58J South.

CL 58J south between KR 80 and KR 80G.

KR 80G between CL 58J South and CL 59 South.

CL 59 South between KR 80 G and KR 80H.

KR 80H between CL 59 South and CL 61 South.

CL 61 South between KR 80H and KR 80I.

KR 80I between CL 61 South and CL 65D South.

TV 80G between CL 65D South and DG 66A South.

TV 80H between DG 66A South and DG 69B South.

DG 69B South between TV 80H and KR 78C.

CL 69A south between KR 78C and TV 77J.

KR 77L between TV 77J and CL 65J south.

CL 65J south between KR 77G.

CL 13 between KR 13 and TV 8. (Towards Soacha)

South 17th Street and South 39th Street:

– Calle 17 sur between Carrera 6 and Av. Caracas, complete north street.

– Calle 17 sur between Av. Caracas and Autosur, full lane.

– Diagonal 16 South between Autosur and Carrera 50, complete north road.

– Calle 39A South between Carrera 50 and Carrera 51, full lane.

– Carrera 51 between Calle 39A sur and Calle 42 sur, full lane.

– Calle 42 sur between Carrera 51 and Av. Boyacá, full lane.

Below is a map with the routes enabled for daytime cycle lanes without cars and motorbikes:

In the picture bike path routes during the day without cars and motorcycles in Bogotá.  Photo: IDRD
In the picture bike path routes during the day without cars and motorcycles in Bogotá. Photo: IDRD


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