Daniel Cormier set to make his first WWE appearance

Daniel Cormier set to make his first WWE appearance

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Daniel Cormier will add another accolade to his post-fight career next weekend.

MMA insider Ariel Helwani has revealed the former two-time UFC champion will serve as a guest referee for the grudge match between bitter rivals Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins.

Taking place at WWE Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on October 8, The Fight Pit match will see the duo finally settle their beef, which has been simmering inside and outside the ring for months.

“The Rollins-Riddle feud got very intense and personal,” Cormier told Ariel Helwani. “There’s only one person qualified enough to oversee this brutal match at Extreme Rules, and that’s me. I’ll see you in Philadelphia next Saturday.

Cormier, a self-proclaimed WWE fan, has already revealed he was in talks with the promotion on a role of commentator. WWE also approached the UFC color commentator about working with the Creed Brotherswho ply their trade in the promotion’s NXT franchise.

Cormier will officiate one of WWE’s ugliest rivalries

The match between Rollins and Riddle comes after the duo engaged in a heated encounter at WWE Clash at the Castle last month. Rollins walked away with the win on that occasion, firing a top rope kick in front of more than 60,000 fans in Cardiff, Wales.

The duo’s bitter rivalry was not limited to the ring, however. Prior to their scheduled Summer Slam reunion a few months ago, Rollins brutally beat Riddle and kicked him to the steel chairs.

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