Daily Prize: Sweepstakes and result of the last draw

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Here are the winning results from the 3249 Daily Win draw conducted by the Peruvian lottery and sports betting company La Tinka this Tuesday, April 20.

Gana Diario runs a draw every day from Monday to Sundayafter 20:30 where you can win several million soles.

This is the mandatory number of days to claim the Daily Earn prizes:

30 days if the price is more than 5,000 soles and less than a million soles.
90 days if the price is more than a million soles.
180 days if the price is less than 5,000 soles.

It is important to note that the days are calendar days and are counted from the day after the prize draw.

Daily Earnings Results

take a number: 3249
Date: 09/20
Winning move: 30 13 12 23 25

To the Watch the draws live each of the awards held by La Tinka, go to this link.

Gana Diario sends the complete list of the results of all its draws, as well as the number of winners and the amounts to be paid out Under the following link.

(file, archive)

How to play Win Daily?

In order to enter the daily prize draw you must visit this website where you can select the combination Minimum cost of one sol.

The next step in the draw is Choose five numbers from a list from 1 to 35with which the bet is armed.

You can pick any number to build the game, but if you don’t know which one to pick, there’s a “random” option that will have the system pick them randomly.

If for some reason there is an error when choosing the combination, you can select the “Clear” button and select the numbers again.

When the piece is assembled, click the button that says ‘Complete Purchase’ to confirm the purchase and that’s it.

In order to win the Daily Win jackpot, you must match all six the winning combination. Nevertheless, a bonus is awarded if the bet matches at least two of the numbers the draw.

The daily jackpot wins are 100,000 soleswhile the rewards for those who match three to five numbers range from the five at 500 soles and if there are two hits, You get a free spin.

The results of the draws and the videos are published on the main page of the game.

What is La Tinca?

La Tinka is a Peru-based sports betting and lottery company that manages lotteries Tinka, Gana Diario, Kabala, Raspaditas, Kinelo, fast casino games, Raspa Ya!, virtual sports and sports betting I bet and Ganagol.

A portion of La Tinka’s profits are donated to charities in Huancayo, Jaén, Lima and Arequipa under the supervision of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. It also contributes to the communities where these charities operate.

La Tinka’s contributions are used for permanent social protection benefits aimed at girls, boys, youth, women, people with disabilities and older adults who are in a situation of risk or protection. These programs have benefited thousands of people every year since 1994.

La Tinka has awarded more than 1,560,240,463 soles in awards and honored more than 236,024,242 Peruvians.

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