Cyborg names the only way she would consider joining the UFC

Cyborg names the only way she would consider joining the UFC

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Cris Cyborg is planning a return to MMA after his boxing match, but don’t expect it to be in the UFC.

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino is often considered one of the best female fighters of all time. His resume shows multiple MMA world championships, from Invicta to UFC to Bellator. Now she is looking to embark on a new adventure in combat sports, boxing. Cyborg will make her boxing debut this weekend when she takes on Simone Silva on September 25.

After years of expressing his desire to turn to boxing, Cyborg will finally get his chance in his home country of Brazil. This switch to boxing should not overtake her MMA career which she says will continue after this fight. In an interview with MMA enthusiast, Cyborg explains that she will in fact return to the cage but left some questioning as to where.

“I’m not done, you know it’s the one fight boxing fight and no, I’m back to my MMA way,” she explained. “You know I really love working with Bellator as a champion. I gotta have more to say when after this fight, you know, I’m gonna sit down and you’re gonna see what’s next?


Could Cris Cyborg be looking for a new MMA home?

This Cyborg blur gives the impression that Bellator may not be the focus of his next fight. Over the past year, Cyborg has had an ongoing feud with PFL Champion Kayla Harrison.

Some think this might be a good option for Cyborg and Harrison. Fans would surely be interested in this fight if it were available, but Cyborg says she has had no formal discussions with PFL.

“No, no, I’ve never spoken to PFL or Dawn or discussed the negotiation, it’s all just online,” she said.

There is one thing for sure, she will never return to the UFC unless things change in the payroll department.

“That chapter is over, they really didn’t want to do the fight I wanted to do and they really don’t pay the fighters,” she said. “Maybe if they decide to pay the fighters we can sit down, but I really have to think about my future.”

Cyborg vs. Simone Silva will take place at Fight Music Show 2 on September 25. After this fight, things could get interesting for Cyborg and his future.

Are you looking forward to Cris Cyborg’s boxing debut?

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