Criticism of the Netflix series: Kalkofe: Live diversity, don’t discuss it

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Criticism of Netflix series
Kalkofe: Live diversity, don’t discuss it

Should roles in series be filled with attention to the widest possible variety of actors? TV critic Kalkofe thinks little of it. Instead, the skills of the actors should be in the foreground. It’s true diversity “when it doesn’t matter who’s in front of the camera anymore”.

TV critic Oliver Kalkofe finds a politically motivated portrayal of diversity in film and television wrong. “True diversity would be when it no longer matters who’s in front of the camera and it doesn’t matter if the person is male, female, something else, old, young, fat, tall or short,” the comedian said. “But the question is: is he or she good? Or is he or she funny, for example?”


Oliver Kalkofe usually doesn’t mince words.

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Kalkofe mainly referred to international productions that deliberately played various roles – for example the recently released Amazon Prime production “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” or the successful Netflix series “Bridgerton”. This shows figures in London’s high society in the early 1800s. They were cast with actors and actresses of different skin colors without regard for historical correctness. Kalkofe finds that too desirable. Diversity should be a matter of course and no extra consideration should be made as to whether there are enough women or black people.

According to the satirist, it’s good that old white men aren’t the only ones in the media anymore. Everything should be possible, but: “In order to experience diversity, it should no longer be talked about, but the feeling must be given that everyone gets the same chance, period”, says the 56-year-old television professional.

In addition to his satirical format “Kalkofes Mattscheibe”, Kalkofe is also known for the Tele5 series “The Worst Films of All Time” (“SchleFaZ”), which he has been moderating with comedy author Peter Rütten since 2013. The tenth season of the series, in which the two TV pundits take apart selected trash movies with black humor and colorful disguises, started on September 9 with the action comic “Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca” from 2004.

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