Criticism of guestbook entry: Schwarzenegger writes “I’ll be back” in Auschwitz

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Criticism of guestbook entries
Schwarzenegger writes “I’ll be back” in Auschwitz

He would like to come to Auschwitz one more time. That much is clear. But the words Arnold Schwarzenegger chooses for this promise are perceived by some as distasteful. The Hollywood star was criticized on Twitter – the concentration camp museum defended him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger alienated some people with his choice of words in the museum guest book of the former Auschwitz concentration camp. The “Terminator” immortalized himself in the words of his most famous movie character: “I’ll be back”.

The museum itself had shared the entry on Twitter. However, in the guestbook comments, many criticized that the pop culture quote would not have been appropriate for the venue. Now the museum clarified what was behind the message: “The visit was planned for a relatively short time. The words should be understood as a promise to return for another, more in-depth visit.”

Schwarzenegger had previously received the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation’s Prize for Fighting Hate. After visiting the former concentration camp and museum grounds, he tweeted, among other things: “This is a story that must live, that we must tell again and again. We can all do our part to end hate if we are willing to tell the story. Working and training. Never again.”

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder awarded the honorary prize of the Bavarian Television Prize to Schwarzenegger on Tuesday. According to the CSU boss, this was a tribute to the 75-year-old’s strong social media commitment against propaganda and disinformation about the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. In particular, it concerns a video that Schwarzenegger published almost a month after Russia invaded the neighboring country. With haunting words and Cyrillic subtitles, he drew the attention of the Russians to the injustice of the war.

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