Cristina Kirchner asked prosecutors to investigate the Vialidad misconduct case and linked the legal cases to the attack

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Video: Cristina Kirchner rejected at the beginning of their argument against the ficales Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola

The Vice President of the Nation Cristina Kirchner, today requested that the federal prosecutor’s office be investigated for misconduct Diego Luciani and Sergio Molawho asked that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison and life imprisonment in the case of the public works assigned to the businessman Lazarus Baez in the province of Santa Cruz. He did this by presenting his defense arguments to the Senate at the last hearing.

“The incredible lies that prosecutors Mola and Luciani concocted have been dismantled and the arbitrariness committed in this trial has also been exposed.” said Cristina Kirchner at the beginning of her presentation and recalled the statements made by her lawyers in the first two plea hearings.

And then he demanded that the prosecutor investigate. “I will require that from each of the prosecutors’ lies be extracted testimonies contrasted with the witnesses, the expertise, the documentation, the evidence on the record and the law.”

But he has also linked the attempted murder he suffered on September 1 to the trial and court cases he is facing. “It is from the judiciary that the social license is granted so that anyone can do anything. This is to create a climate that they have built, not with the three tons of evidence, which is 30 tons of front pages from Clarín, La Nación and some other weekly magazines where a woman is stigmatized. I feel defenseless against this country and this judiciary.”

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., Cristina Kirchner began her argument from her office in the Senate. She said she did it in her capacity as a lawyer. “If she wasn’t a lawyer, she would be at the mercy of the public prosecutor’s arguments,” was one of the first points of criticism.

The vice president said that prosecutor Luciani had “Magnificent artistic interventions”. One of the axes he touched on was the “plan to clean everything” cited by prosecutors in their indictment, from which, by analyzing the cell phone of former Minister of Public Works José López, they concluded that Cristina Kirchner favored the plan closure of Báez companies and the dismissal of its workers. One of the axes was a November 2015 meeting between the businessman and the former president in Santa Cruz.

“All lies. That day I was in an act where we inaugurated a uranium plant in Bariloche,” said Cristina Kirchner, not referring to another news item that prosecutors showed that Báez sent López on December 1 wrote to let him know that he had met “the woman”.

The Vice President in her speech
The Vice President in her speech

“In a theatrical exercise, he told us he had monitored 26,000 calls for months. More than 4,000 calls from Caputo (Nda: Nicolás, businessman), the brother of Macri’s life, were missed, where he asked for repricing and showed a familiarity, he said, adding, “Caputo is a regular visitor of Los Abrojos, where a judge and the prosecutor are playing soccer”. The reference was to former President Macri’s fifth, as prosecutor Luciani and Judge Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, one of the members of the Oral Court, were part of a football team that competed in tournaments there. This aspect has been highlighted several times.

He later defended his innocence in court. He showed a national constitution and said that “nothing can contradict that”. Thus he pointed out that Article 1 speaks of representative, republican and federal government and that the allegations that could be leveled against a president would be conducted through political processes. “We were elected by the people, we can never be an illegal association”, held.

“The indictment states that the three constitutional governments were three illegal associations to complete 51 road contracts in the province of Santa Cruz through an intermediary who is a province, Santa Cruz,” he added. He then said that Néstor Kirchner had been mayor of Río Gallegos in 1987 and three times governor. “He did it with the thought that he would become president, to do so in the province that had ruled three terms. It’s illogical. We fought for 51 road works a lifetime. Why didn’t he do the 51 works when he was governor? When he becomes President of Fluke,” he said.

“This work was contracted and advertised in the province of Santa Cruz. With a governor, ministers, a congress, with a court of auditors, with a budget from Santa Cruz. They were administrative files from the province of Santa Cruz,” added Cristina Kirchner.

Prosecutor Diego Luciani
Prosecutor Diego Luciani

“All the decrees in question were approved by Parliament. What we are discussing here is nonsense. Nobody declared a bid invalid. They dragged out the process because they had to pull my hair, so they dragged the national constitution, the codes, the logic, everything with them. That doesn’t help, it complicates a country. That makes it ridiculous, not very serious,” he said.

He also compared his situation to the court case that former President Fernando de la Rúa was facing for the crimes and violations committed in December 2001. He argued that the former president was removed from the case because the Comodoro Py judges indicated that they might not know what happened. “Everything happened in the Plaza de Mayo. De la Rúa didn’t know anything, but Luciani says I couldn’t ignore what happened in Santa Cruz,” he said. “If it’s not Peronist, the criminal law is liberal.”

The last section left him for the attack of which he was a victim. “Let me be clear: no one can believe that this band intellectually planned and made up what they did to me.”

In this regard, the Vice President said that she feels defenseless. For example, he asserted that his office in the Chamber of Senators was stoned for 40 minutes without any intervention by “local or national” police forces. The case related to this episode was left to the federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti and the prosecutor Carlo Rivolothe same officers investigating the attack against him.

He also recalled that on the day when prosecutor Luciani sought a 12-year sentence against him, some television channels showed the door of his home. “It’s the only goal that is known in Argentina, that of Juncal and Uruguay, right where they wanted to shoot me,” he analyzed.


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