Conor McGregor looks terrible as Floyd Mayweather flaunts the wealth of his investments

Conor McGregor looks terrible as Floyd Mayweather flaunts the wealth of his investments

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Like “Golden Kid” Floyd Mayweather, no one becomes famous early in their career; instead, everyone begins their journey at the bottom, and only a select few reach the top. As Floyd once said, “I was going to bed, and I was nine years old, and I was like, ‘I want to be the richest man in the world.’ I have come a long way from there.

Floyd Mayweather is currently the richest fighter in the world, which is basically thanks to the methods by which he made his financial choices.

On this subject, Floyd always carefully made financial plans, before and after his retirement. He was named to the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame for his contributions to the ring. Even still, Mayweather himself used $750,000 to breach his contract. It was his best investment, as he claimed.

Before his exhibition match against Logan Paul, he added the following in an interview: “I get paid well for every property I have. My jet’s paid off, all my cars are paid off, and I own billions of dollars, billion-dollar buildings. I own so many assets and regularly invest in different things. I’m invested in the tech world, I’ve made a lot of smart investments,”

He also helps young boxers. His current goal is to help new boxers develop. In fact, he hopes to live to see the day when younger competitors surpass him.

Asked about the reason for his succession, he replied that his father and his family had always supported him. Moreover, the strength of his team contributed even more to his financial success. On that note, he continued, “I didn’t do it alone. I had to have a great team and a great game plan.

Conor McGregor is also a big name when it comes to money and investing. Proper Twelve Whiskey was probably McGregor’s best investment. According to reports, the Irish champion has generated more than a billion dollars in revenue and is even a well-known brand in the whiskey industry. Also, as Conor is a fan of the latest trends, he created August McGregor, a joint venture with David Heil.

Conor McGregor invests wisely and makes big money, but he still can’t beat Floyd Mayweather’s legacy in the business. Conor seems to be striving for the top, but the bar is too high for him. Compared to Floyd Mayweather’s real estate investment, he still lags far behind. Conor could change, but right now he’s still far behind Mayweather.

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